Charter Bus Travel Continues to Grow in Popularity for Large Group Options

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    Americans like to travel. The travel short distances to and from the grocery store and to work, and they travel long distances for vacations to spend time with family and friends. In addition to traveling for individual purposes, there are many groups that also travel together. From high school band members traveling to and from contest to athletes making long road trips to compete against their rivals. When large groups travel they often are fortunate enough to travel by charter buses. This form of transportation is safe, efficient, and comfortable.
    Traveling with a tour group on a charter bus is a safe way to travel. With the use of professional drivers who have the benefit of a staff planning a route, charter buses


    The Benefits Of Using An Executive Jet

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    One of the strongest industries in the United States is the aviation industry. There are people that fly across the country every single day. Sometimes these flights are on an executive jet for business, sometimes they are on public flights for leisurely purposes.

    Anyone that is traveling for business will reap tremendous benefits from flying on an executive jet. Right now, the business area of the aviation industry employs just about 1.2 million Americans. Furthermore, this industry manages to create nearly $150 billion in economic activity each year.

    Out of business aircraft passengers, only 22% are top management, 50% are other managers, and 20% are technical, sales, or service staff. This type of random detail may seem insignificant at first, but, it is actually a strong indicator of why businesses send employees on an executive jet for their flight.

    The United States accounts for 49.7% of the private jet market, with Europe in second at 20.8%. So America is a strong


    Vacations Are Good For Your Health, So Why Don’t More People Travel?

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    Frontier airlines ticket

    Travel is good for you. It gives you an opportunity to see the sights, get a breath of fresh air from the busy work week and create some beautiful memories to look back on.
    When your budget is too low for a trip to Peru or Costa Rica? Then all these good things can seem a downright fantasy fit only for bookshelves. This is the sad conundrum plaguing many Millennials today, with far too many people circumventing airline deals out of a common misconception that flying internationally is only for those with massive disposable income.

    Frontier airlines ticket

    Travel is good for you. It gives you an opportunity to see the sights, get a breath of fresh air from the busy work week and create some beautiful memories to look back on.
    When your budget is too low for a trip to Peru or Costa Rica? Then all these good things can seem a downright fantasy fit only for bookshelves. This is the sad conundrum plaguing many Millennials today, with far too many people circumventing airline deals out of a common misconception that flying internationally is only for those with massive disposable income. Discount travel, however, is a perfect resource for those that want to live their best life but not go broke in the process. Cheap flights to Port Of Spain or cheap flights to Bangkok?
    Let’s talk travel and get you experiencing the thrill of roaming the world while you’re still out of your forties.
    How Many People Travel These Days?
    Airline deals are better than ever. That’s because people are traveling more than ever before, whether it’s a quick vacation across the country or an international trip with friends to celebrate a recent graduation. Back in 2016 over 218 million air traffic passengers either traveled to or from the United States, making it a good year for airline flights. Commercial airlines, overall, carried over three and a half billion passengers and generated over $500 billion in revenue that same year. When you’re worried about cost, there are airline deals to treat you right.
    What Stops People From Traveling?
    If traveling is so wonderful…why don’t more people do it? A major reason, as you likely already know, is the omnipresent fear of breaking the budget. A recent study revealed over half of Millennials and Gen Xers stating cost to be the biggest barrier to leisure travel. Does this mean vacation isn’t deemed important? Far from it. Another survey saw over 95% of American workers stating vacation time is very important to them. In fact, four out of 10 travelers actively feel more romantic on vacation.
    Where Do People Prefer To Travel?
    Some destinations are popular. Some are enormously so. Which ones you should choose depends not on what’s currently hot, but what matters the most to you. Are you someone that loves to visit historical landmarks or someone who prefers to have a fun night out on the town with friends? When it comes to choose a travel destination over 40% of Millennials are influenced by photos shared by friends and family, while nearly 20% will choose a destination after seeing it in a movie. Cheap flights to Bangkok are popular, as are airline deals for Peru, France, Japan, Morocco and Ghana.
    What Are The Benefits Of Traveling?
    There are many social, physical and emotional health benefits to traveling. It’s estimated four out of five domestic trips taken today are for leisure purposes and there’s something to be said about taking a vacation away from your hometown. When burnout rates are higher than ever and mental health awareness is on the rise, taking a few days off to recharge can be paramount to maintaining a high quality of life. People who take a vacation out of their state or country state feeling more relaxed, more energized and less depressed once they return to work or school.
    How Do I Start An Affordable, Fulfilling Trip?
    You only have one life. There’s no reason to be spending it living everything halfway. Nearly 20% of Millennials state social media noticeably influences their choice of a travel destination. Another survey found over 75% of Millennial respondents stating they would rather spend money on a good experience than just material things. If any of these descriptors fit you, it’s more than possible you’re overdue for a trip to Spain or Mexico. The first thing you need to do is look up affordable airline deals, those of which fluctuate depending on the time of year.
    Your next great trip is around the corner. All you have to do is grab it. canada goose sale damen canada goose sale damen canada goose sale damen


    Charter Buses Provide Reliable Transportation for Day Trips and Events

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    Single day bus tour

    There are plenty of occasions when you need reliable transportation but can’t drive. You may have a larger group than fits in a car, and you want to travel together. Or you’re planning a night on the town with friends and don’t want the person chosen to be the designated driver to miss out all the fun. Charter bus rentals are a good solution, where you can leave the driving to the professionals, and focus on enjoying the trip. Best of all, charter buses are one of the greenest and most ecofriendly forms of travel, so your group can enjoy the trip with a clear conscience.

    Planning your next day trip
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    Private Jets to Powder: Ultimate Ski Spots to Skip to this Winter

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    private jetsWinter is never really over when you can go wherever you’d like. If you’re feeling inspired after watching some of the world’s best winter athletes compete this February, then don’t put those skis and snowboards away yet. Keep them sharp and waxed, because we’re firing up a bunch of private jets to get you on the slopes at some of the best places on earth.

    Among the snow-capped mountains peppered about the planet, there are some particular peaks that boast a nearly perpetual ski season — and we’re ready to get you there. Most commercial airlines cruise lower (35,000 feet) than private aircraft, so when you charter private jets, you’ll literally be above other air traffic and get to your destination faster. So, pack your passports, snow gear, and beachwear, because, in some of these places — both domestic and international — the distance between ski lodges and sandy beaches isn’t as far as you think.

    Stop One: Aspen

    We’ll start here with a name that you’re likely familiar with. Aspen is an essential ski location in the United States. There are four parts of the mountain that are accessible to all levels of skiers. For families, the area of the mountain called Snowmass is bigger than the other three combined, complete with its own ski village and all manner of activities. Not to mention, you’re nestled high up in the Rocky Mountains, where the scenery is as breathtaking as the elevation.

    Stop Two: Mammoth

    Last ski season California’s famous Mammoth Mountain got more than 500 inches of snowfall. In fact, the Mammoth slopes got so much powder that they had to take a day to close the mountain and figure out what to do with it all. That’s a skier’s dream. Fortunately, they’re pretty good at making their mountain pristine because they were back in business almost immediately. After cruising Aspen, pop over to California and ride the 3,500+ acres of Mammoth. Renowned for having a solid snow base, this mountain stays open unseasonably late compared to many places (into the summer). Skiing in t-shirts and shorts is a common practice at this resort as the weather gets warmer.

    Stop Three: Gstaad

    You’ll get a little break for your sore legs as you zoom over to Switzerland. Much different than California, it’s a lot colder here, but the skiing is wonderful and the surroundings are entrancing. Ensconced in the romantic Alps, the resort and village look like something out of a winter dream. Luxurious shops and hotels surround the ski area, with mountainous views and historic castles nestled in between too. It’s a great final leg of the trip both for skiing and winding down with some leisurely shopping and sightseeing.

    A lot of people tend to apply their private jet charter experience to tropical holidays and sandy Caribbean escapes. And Jet Aviation can certainly help you charter private jets to these sunny locales. While this is totally fine, winter deserves its fair share of adventure via private jets. Don’t hibernate as the final snows fall; get out there and wander the winter wonderlands sprinkled around the world. michael kors tasche michael kors tasche michael kors tasche


    Why You Should Rent a House Instead of Stay in a Hotel

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    There are so many amazing things to see and do in this world that a lifetime isn?t enough time for it all. Some people deal with this reality by rushing off to see as many things on a vacation as they can in as short a time as possible. This means a lot of hotels, a lot of photos, maybe even a lot of restaurants, but not a lot of genuine experiences.

    A better way is to take the family or a group of friends and spend some serious time exploring, and living, in a new place. This means ditching the hotels and looking for some house rentals where you can really settle in. The right house rentals are more than just house rentals: they?re a base from which to strike out and see the world. Read on to learn about just one area you could spend days exploring, and you?ll see just what you?re missing.



    The Motorcoach Its Perks and Highlights

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    Bus charter services

    There’s a majesty to it and a mystery, even though it’s a form of transportation that many people think of as lesser than cars, trains, or airplanes. It has the ability to force commonality between people and it always gets someone to their destination, even if it is a little slower than other forms of transportation. It is the motorcoach.

    The motorcoach has been around since the 1800’s, around the time engines were invented. The first horse-drawn carriages were started in the early 1800’s, though people likely got tired of the muck that horses dragged in the streets. When the motor came around, it was likely adopted quickly in the coaches that transported people across the city.

    Today, the beautiful vehicle that inherited its legacy is the bus.

    The city bus is sometimes looked at as a les


    8 Great Reasons to Charter a Bus for Your Group

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    Charter bus rental prices

    If you are looking to book a trip for your group, you should really consider chartered bus companies. Whether they are for family reunions, tour groups or to get all of your workers to a company retreat, there are a lot of advantages to charter bus travel. Here are a few reasons to think about going with a charter rental:

    1. You can go on your schedule. If you need to get a group of people from one place to another, the easiest way is to go with a chartered bus. When you look at charter bus travel, you will see that your trip begins and ends when you want it to. Unlike train travel or going by air, your bus will pick you up at the location you want to start from and will be there when you need it.

    When Was the Last Time That You Went on a Horse Drawn Carriage Ride?

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    Private carriage rides charleston sc

    This is the season for gift giving, spending time with those you love, and for special romantic times together. In all of these instances, a special horse carriage ride may be just the answer. From classic carriage tours for the whole family to smaller private carriage tours where you can pop the big question, scenic or romantic buggy rides can help you set the mood. Horse carriages got their start as a far more utilitarian method of travel, but today they are a


    Are You Getting Ready to Book Your Winter Travel Plans?

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    Airport shuttle philadelphia

    The leaves have turned and the temperatures have dropped.
    As the leave peeper tours come to an end, a number of transportation services are rolling out their cold weather offerings. From ski trips to Colorado to vacations to warmer weather in Nashville and other southern locations, just because the weather is changing does not mean that your trips have to come to an end.
    If you are looking for easy travel events this winter, you might consider booking a trip on a multi day bus tour. Booking a trip where someone else takes care of the both the details and the driving. Fortunately, charter bus rentals provide trips to every co