Do you love to travel and visit exotic places? Some people prefer to travel to small┬ávillages, while others prefer to visit exotic cities. If you love to see unique cities, a trip to Guyana might be up your alley. Their recently installed Amazonia mall is a sight you don’t want to miss.

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The video here showcases the best features of Amazonia. It’s full of unique shops and restaurants, and it even has healthcare clinics and a large hotel. The host of the video gives a great tour of the mall and interviews some of the mall’s other guests. The mall attracts people from all walks of life and for all kinds of purposes, but mostly, people come to shop.

Unlike malls in the United States, this mall in Guyana is filled with exotic restaurants and shops you may never have heard of or seen before. You never know what you can find shopping in a foreign mall. Instead of touristy souvenirs, you can get items that locals would love too.

Give the video a watch and find out more about attractions in Guyana as you plan your trip. You might be excited about what you can find in such a rare tourist destination.

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