If your child has nothing to do this summer than sit in the house and watch tv, consider signing them up for day camps! Day camps offer many benefits for both parents and children. Keep reading to learn what day camps are.

Day camps are programs for children during the summers while they are not in school. These programs offer many of the same activities as sleep-away camps with the difference being that at the end of the day, children who attend day camps go home rather than spending the night at the camp.

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The first benefit for parents is day camps get your child out of the house and outside in nature. After all, what else would your child be doing all summer? Sitting in the house watching tv? Not with day camps.

The second benefit of day camps for parents is you don’t need to worry about child care. When your child is at a day camp, they will be closely monitored by counselors. This means you don’t need to worry about setting up a childcare schedule with your spouse, babysitter, or parents.

Day camps can also be prep school summer camp programs to get your child ready for the next year of school.

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