There is nothing quite like spending a day with your friends out on the green. You can feel the sunshine on your face and wind in your hair as you drive golf carts from hole to hole. Golfing is a relaxing sport. Mini golf is also a great option if you want the excitement of golf on a fun bite-size scale.

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In this video, you will learn about one mini golf place that has set out to completely reinvent the game for the twenty-first century./p>

The Amber Course at Puttshack is an incredible experience. It is the perfect marriage between a classic game and modern technology. Each hole has a screen that displays your score, whose turn it is, and some complimentary visual effects. When it is your turn, you place your golf ball on the starting pad. The system recognizes that it is you by a chip inside the ball. When you put the ball, the system can identify the number of strokes taken, if any hazards were hit, and if any bonuses were hit. You get points depending on how well you do.


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