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    Why Business Travelers Should Consider Eschewing Commercial Airlines In Favor Of A Private Jet

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    Private jets

    How often does the average American travel? Even this answer varies quite a bit from person to person, as everyone has a different relationship with going from place to place by air. Some travel almost exclusively for holiday-related purposes, while others find themselves regularly stepping into a plane for business reasons. Should you find yourself more closely fitting the later, you may be wondering as to the benefits of a gulfstream private jet. Incredibly comfortable, reliable and efficient, to charter a private jet is to take more control over your business and your leisure both.

    The Aviation Industry

    Should you be wondering how the aviation in


    What To Do In Florida

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    Bike shop

    Thinking of visiting Florida, but don’t know what things to do? Well, there’s always Disney… But really, who wants to do what everyone else is doing? Let’s do something different. There are plenty of options out there for you to enjoy your time in Florida. Even better, there are plenty of outdoor activities that can make the stay that much more fun. To get an even better idea of this, here is a list of five outdoor activities that you can do.

    1. Biking
      First, you can go out and go biking. You can either bring your own bike or rent one from somewhere else. This is a great activity because it can help you get around and save while you’re doing it. On top of that, you can also exercise and work closer to getting a tig

    How to Behave on a Charter Bus

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    Family reunion

    Traveling with a group via charter bus can be a fun, adventurous, and memorable way to spend a day or weekend. The benefits of bus travel include a reduced carbon footprint, diminished stress involved with driving and parking, and getting to know new, like-minded people. But with these passenger perks comes added responsibility. After all, when you’re traveling on a coach bus with several other people (including children), you can’t conduct yourself as if you’re alone or just with friends. While riding you’re in a social space as if you would be at a grocery store, mall, or movie theater. As such, you must adopt a certain etiquette pertaining to


    Camping for Memories and Family Bonding

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    Cabins in maryland

    Camping vacations with families can provide many wonderful and lasting memories. Camping allows you to unwind and unplug from many of today?s electronic needs. It allows you to bond with family members you might not otherwise have the chance to in the traditional busy day to day. Planning your camping trip for family bonding also requires planning the specific activities, location, and type of lodging. These specific details will ensure that you have the best camping experience.

    Multiple lodging options
    When you plan a family camping vacation that includes different generations of family members, you want multiple lodging options avail


    Here’s What You Need to Know on Your Next Charter Flight; Private Chartering Etiquette

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    Private jet flight

    There is no doubt that private chartering has more benefits than commercial aircraft. But apart from their inexpensive experience, flying privately will significantly save you time that would have otherwise been wasted while still waiting to board your flight. The long immigration lines and security check-ups are just the beginning of a long wait to your destination. Not to mention the waiting time you have to endure before every passenger is onboard. Now that the commercial airline has taken off, assumingly your flight takes 2 to 3 hours, and you are seated close to some creepy passenger who seems not to mind any business at all, other you. You’ll be lucky if you won’t reach your frustrations limits by the end of this journey.

    The increased competition for air travel has resulted in the entry of mo