Private jet flight

There is no doubt that private chartering has more benefits than commercial aircraft. But apart from their inexpensive experience, flying privately will significantly save you time that would have otherwise been wasted while still waiting to board your flight. The long immigration lines and security check-ups are just the beginning of a long wait to your destination. Not to mention the waiting time you have to endure before every passenger is onboard. Now that the commercial airline has taken off, assumingly your flight takes 2 to 3 hours, and you are seated close to some creepy passenger who seems not to mind any business at all, other you. You’ll be lucky if you won’t reach your frustrations limits by the end of this journey.

The increased competition for air travel has resulted in the entry of more private companies that offers an array of charter quotes to choose for both business and leisure trips.

However, if you are looking to have the best private jet experience ever, there are few factors you need to know. These include,

How To Park Your Vehicle
Usually, this is where you are prone to make the first mistake. In private chartering, you are allowed to drive right up to the airplane where you’ll be assisted to load your luggage and board. But since this allowed and it’s often unmonitored, it doesn’t mean there are no best practices to follow. For instance, you are not expected to exit your car without setting the parking brake. Again, it’s very absurd if you’ll straddle your car wheels against the aircraft. Instead, park your vehicle opposite the plane.

Mind Your Luggage Size
However much you’ve invested in having the best private jet experience, that doesn’t mean you have to carry cumbersome and unnecessary luggage. Instead, carry what you really need for your vacation or business trip. Most jets impose luggage limits. This can be due to their limited luggage compartments or standard weight restrictions. Therefore, it’s important you understand the aircraft policies on issues to do with baggage, especially if you will be traveling with other people. Soft bags are the most recommended type of luggage since they are flexible in storage.

Are You Sure That’s Where You are Meant to Sit?
While private jets don’t have specific seats for specific people, you are just not allowed to sit anywhere you wish. In cases where you’ll be traveling with a group of individuals, and you are not the one who paid for that trip. It’s wise you wait for the leader to pick a seat and then, the rest of you can comfortably occupy the remaining ones. This is one courtesy that can’t go unnoticed, and it’s a sure way of having the best private jet experience.

Flexibility Should Not Be Abused
In flying on a private jet, time is usually on your side. You get to choose when you want to leave, and if anything changes, it’s usually recommended that you notify the charter company. Private charter flights are often prepared an hour earlier just to factor in any change in time or any other factor that might delay your departure. A 15 minutes heads up will be perfect for the pilot and crew to finish up preparing your flight. However, it’s good to note that some companies are not lenient when you arrive late, often, they have a cancellation policy that takes effect when you are an hour late.

Using private jets, you get to access more than 5,000 airports in the United States, giving you more landing options. Additionally, this flexibility allows you even to attend different business meetings on a single flight within a day. It has been reported that business people flying in commercial airlines experience a drop in productivity. As of that, it’s honorable for business to take advantage of private flights and give their employees the best private jet experience while they are on duty of course.

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