Private jets

How often does the average American travel? Even this answer varies quite a bit from person to person, as everyone has a different relationship with going from place to place by air. Some travel almost exclusively for holiday-related purposes, while others find themselves regularly stepping into a plane for business reasons. Should you find yourself more closely fitting the later, you may be wondering as to the benefits of a gulfstream private jet. Incredibly comfortable, reliable and efficient, to charter a private jet is to take more control over your business and your leisure both.

The Aviation Industry

Should you be wondering how the aviation industry is faring, look no further than the booming business that only gets better and better by the day. The United States alone accounts for an impressive half of all contributions made to the private jet market, from flight attendants to engineers. Europe follows close behind at just over 20%. Because of the ever-increasing success of both commercial and private flights you’ll have more than enough options to choose from. But which one should you actually go for? It all depends on how often you fly, why you fly and what you personally want to get out of your trip.

Public Aviation

Let’s take a look at commercial airlines and whether or not they’ll be right for you. While more affordable than private airlines, they’re notorious for long wait times, more hazardous scheduling and much more leniency when it comes to scheduled arrivals. Commercial jet lines usually cruise at 35,000 feet. Compare this to smaller private jets, most of which will fly higher and have to deal with much less air traffic. This makes them not just less noisy and cramped, but faster than the average commercial plane. Merely one of many benefits, private jets are seeing more popularity than ever and it’s not hard to see why.

Private Aviation

Do you travel a lot for business reasons? Have you found yourself struggling to maintain productivity on a long or noisy flight? A gulfstream private jet may just be what you’re looking for. Ongoing surveys provided by flight management back in 2009 have found business people using commercial airlines reporting a stunning 40% drop in productivity. On the other hand, that same survey saw respondents being 20% more productive on company aircraft. Business waits for no one, after all, and a private jet can make sure you’re never left behind.

Why You Should Charter An Executive Jet

There are a host of benefits to using a gulfstream private jet in lieu of a commercial airline. The most notable for those traveling for business meetings is the increased privacy. Instead of cramped hallways and noisy children you’ll have plenty of peaceful time to catch a few winks or work on a project between point A and point B. The faster scheduling also means reduced wait times, perfect for those that can’t afford to be late no matter what. When it comes to having the full package, charting a jet is the best place to start. Consider traveling in style next time you need to go across the country.

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