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Traveling with a group via charter bus can be a fun, adventurous, and memorable way to spend a day or weekend. The benefits of bus travel include a reduced carbon footprint, diminished stress involved with driving and parking, and getting to know new, like-minded people. But with these passenger perks comes added responsibility. After all, when you’re traveling on a coach bus with several other people (including children), you can’t conduct yourself as if you’re alone or just with friends. While riding you’re in a social space as if you would be at a grocery store, mall, or movie theater. As such, you must adopt a certain etiquette pertaining to the space you’re in. When it comes to charter bus tours in particular there are are right and wrong ways to behave. If you’re planning on taking a trip on a charter bus soon, here’s a refresher on the ways you should act to ensure a pleasant, smooth trip for everyone.

1) Keep an Ear Open

After getting on the bus and before departing, the driver will most likely inform the passengers of certain guidelines, safety information, and itinerary information. These details will probably be repeated, but it’s crucial to listen to these instructions whenever they are conveyed. If you or others are talking too loudly or behaving in distracting ways, these details might not be heard or understood by everyone, leading to issues down the road. For instance, if a passenger doesn’t know when they need to return to the bus after a rest stop, the whole schedule might be delayed.

Additionally, if safety information isn’t adhered to, whoever is in violation might be removed from the bus. This is why it’s best to listen closely to all the information provided while on the bus. It’s also good to read any available information ahead of time to ensure maximum preparation.

2) Mind Your Time

The major difference between traveling alone and traveling with a group is that time is no longer as flexible. Charter buses are on rigid schedules to ensure every passenger gets from point A to point B on time. Again, if someone is lagging behind it can throw off the whole operation. Depending on the type and length of trip, these buses might make several stops for bathroom breaks, food, or a brief site visitation. If you know you or someone you’re with takes longer to use facilities, eat, etc., it’s wise to let the bus company and driver know ahead of time so they can prepare for this. Ultimately, remember that you’re traveling with a group, not alone, and that just as you appreciate the courtesy of others, they appreciate yours as well.

3) Keep Private Conversations to Yourself

By now just about all of us have cell phones. On long trips it can be tempting to chat with a friend or family member to pass the time, but remember that you’re in a public space while riding in one of these buses. If you’re speaking loudly or profanely, it will distract and annoy other passengers. It’s best to get any of these conversations out of the way ahead of time or during rest stops where there is more space and privacy. Otherwise, text messaging is always an option for communication that isn’t audibly distracting to others.

4) Don’t Litter

Some buses will allow passengers to bring snacks and drinks, and some will even provide these things. However, just because you have access to food doesn’t mean the bus is a giant trash receptacle. If you have garbage, keep it with you until you reach a rest stop or your destination where there will be several places to dispose of trash. Some charter buses will even have a few places to throw out garbage on the bus itself. Make sure you use these bins properly, not leaving any materials on the ground for others to walk on or clean up for you.

In the end, all of these tips come down to being a respectful, courteous human being. Traveling with a group can be bothersome or wonderful depending on how everyone acts towards one another. So if you’re going to travel via charter bus, abide by these simple steps. The ride is sure to be smooth if everyone follows suit.

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