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Are you one of the 30 million people, estimated by Visit London, who will visit London, the capital of the United Kingdom, this year? The United Kingdom generates over £115 billion every year as tourists, local and international, visit their favorite locations in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and England. Nowhere is tourism more popular than in London, the Big Smoke.

Whether you’re heading into London Town to see the world renowned British Museum and Natural History Museum, or you’re looking to start your whirlwind tour of Europe with a look at Buckingham Palace, you’ll need a good place to stay. With 8,000 additional hotel rooms adding to the more than 120,000 already in the city, according to BBC News, you won’t be hurting for choice. The volume of these hotels coupled with decreased demand following the London Olympics has pushed prices down, making now a better time than ever to see England’s first city on a budget.

The Best Areas for Budget Hotels in London

  • King’s Cross
  • What makes King’s Cross one of the best areas for budget hotels? Too many reasons to list succinctly. Whether you’re a fan of amazing street markets, like those found on King’s Boulevard, or you’re more interested in being able to play a match of five-a-side football, King’s Cross has a great selection of discount hotel rooms to put you in the heart of the action.

  • Camden Town
  • If you’re more interested in the best hotels that are off the beaten path, why not give Camden Town a try? Like King’s Cross, the budget hotels in Camden grant easy access to amazing markets. However, what King’s Cross lacks is the alternative environment of Camden. The Camden Lock Market celebrates British, Vietnamese, Chinese, and many other cultures’ wonderful cuisines. If you’re interested in experiencing a blast from the past, check out Inverness Street, a Camden Town community that’s been celebrating great produce and Scottish culture since 1900, according to

  • Notting Hill
  • When most tourists hear “Notting Hill,” they can’t help but think of the 1999 movie starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. However, as The Guide to Notting Hill shows, the area is much more than a romantic-comedy title. Filled to the brim with great attractions, like the Notting Hill Carnival and the Portobello Market, Notting Hill offers some of the best locations around with its budget hotels; many cost only £60 per night, according to Budget Traveller. If you’d like a bit of that Hugh Grant romance, never fear; “the Hill” is also home to many amazing day spas and romantic restaurants.

    If you’re heading to London, but your hotel search has hit a snag, keep these three amazing areas of the Big Smoke in mind. Each offer a unique atmosphere, a little something different, but they all represent a great opportunity to experience quintessential London. Reference links:

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