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Whether you’re traveling to Monrovia in the East African country of Liberia or you’re going elsewhere on a rejuvenating holiday trip, you should be able to get what you pay for. This is especially true in the case of luxury villas. While there are no set standards for defining luxury villas, according to, generally speaking, the designation is earned through a high star-rating from respectable outlets like Forbes, AAA, and others. Because of this incredibly subjective rating system, finding a paradise resort that truly offers luxury villas is far more difficult than it should be.

How to Spot Low Quality Luxury Villas

  1. Look at the Pictures
  2. Yahoo! News suggests that every traveler looking for luxury villas looks at the pictures provided on elegant resorts’ promotional material. Consider, if these premier resorts claim to have the most beautiful and modern of rooms, why don’t they have any pictures of them on their website? Look at the promotional photos to see what’s there but also to see what’s missing.

  3. Read the Reviews
  4. It’s no secret that one of the best ways to find out about a hotel before you make any arrangements is to read the reviews. As The Guardian writes, many hotels that tout themselves as being “luxury” get review scores as low as 36%. You’ve got to be careful when reading reviews, however, as disgruntled guests will often leave untrue or inaccurate reviews. That being said, if the accommodations you’re considering have overwhelmingly negative reviews, then chances are you should look for other options.

  5. What Does “All-Inclusive” Holiday Villa Mean?
  6. Many hotels that claim luxury status also claim that they are all-inclusive. If you take that at face value, it should mean that food, entertainment, and lodging are all included in the price, right? As Travel + Escape points out, however, low-end “all-inclusive” resorts will often have an exhaustive list of exclusions, meaning that your stay will be anything but inclusive. Look into the contract before you make arrangements. Does wi-fi come at an extra charge? How many meals a day are actually covered? Ask the important questions before you commit to save money.

  7. Is the Hotel in a Secure Area?
  8. It’s easy to think that staying in luxury villas means you’re insulated from the dangerous world around you. However, consider a recent story from the Huffington Post that detailed a $53 million heist in a high-end Cannes resort in July of 2013. Staying in a beautiful hotel doesn’t mean staying in a secure hotel.

    Subsequently, CNN recommends all travelers take extra steps to ensure their security. Using Google Street View, for example, can give you a 360 degree picture of what your hotel’s neighborhood looks like. Ask hotel representatives whether they have 24-hour-a-day security cameras running and an in-room safe. You need to protect yourself.

Making the decision to stay in beautiful luxury villas should mean enjoying your time with your loved ones, relaxation, and a break from the mundane. Using these four tips, you can find true luxury villas offering amazing lodging, all-inclusive deals, and a secure place to forget the world. Helpful sites.

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