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The President Wilson Hotel lays claim to the most expensive hotel room in the world. If you can come up with $65,000 a night, then you can stay at the Royal Penthouse Suite in Geneva. With figures like this, it is no surprise that travel and tourism is a huge industry. Consider that in the United States alone the industry is worth approximately $1.3 trillion.

For many people, travel is the antidote to everyday life. If you love to travel, you might find that online travel videos can help you better prepare for your next vacations. But where can you find these videos?

Travel Video Sites

If you are traveling abroad, the U.S. Department of State recommends that your emergency information gets filled out on your passport well in advance of your trip. Being properly prepared for any trip is a major tenant of safe travel. By accessing world travel videos on websites that are dedicated to sharing information about travel destinations, you can go a long way towards being better prepared. Travel guide videos in particular will give you good instruction about the local attractions, cuisine, culture, and comforts.


Have you ever seen YouTube travel videos? These tend to be more casual, but using YouTube to find online travel videos is a great way to get mostly unedited and fun snippets from people just like yourself who have traveled to destinations and found something to share. Consider that each year, about 20 million people visit Paris. It is very likely that someone has shared with the internet a video from their vacation. You can use those videos to help inform your trip.


There are many blogs that share travel videos online, and they are ideal for getting great details about the destinations you might visit. For example, in Hong Kong there is a mansion that defies expectations by actually being one of the cheapest places that you can stay. It is called the Chung-King mansion, and it has more than 2,000 of some of the tiniest hotel rooms that you will ever find, but it also offers a unique travelling experience. An online video can give you a quick tour of this attraction and teach you more about what Hong Kong has to offer.

If you are going abroad, the U.S. Department of State officially recommends learning more about the laws of your future destination. It is also important to learn about the culture ahead of time, what practices are standard, and what you can expect when you arrive so that you do not suffer any culture-shock. Hopefully, knowing where to find online travel videos will help you learn more about, and prepare for, your next travel adventure.

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