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You may have heard that Cabo, Mexico, is a great location for relaxing, as well as for doing typical vacation things like visiting the beach, fishing, and birdwatching. All inclusive vacation packages often include fishing as a matter of course. This is all completely true. What some tourists may not have anticipated earlier this week, however, was a pink ?alien fish? found off the coast of Cabo.

The Origins of the Strange Alien Fish

The fisherman caught the fish and was surprised by its tiny teeth, strange green eyes, and very pink, raspy skin (similar perhaps to a baby?s skin in appearance). After taking photos, the fisherman decided to throw it back. The image spread quickly through social media and it was dubbed the ?alien fish? as many wondered just what it was. It?s not often, after all, that professional fisherman come across a fish they?ve never seen before.

Not a UFO, But a Shark

According to experts, this fish likely isn?t a visitor from outer space spending some time in a top vacation spot in Mexico. Instead, it?s a swell shark, a common enough shark for the area. The fact that it was a swell shark likely contributed to the strangeness of its appearance — these sharks can bulk up their midsections to nearly twice its regular size in an effort to scare off predators.

Unlike a typical swell shark, this one appears to have pigmentation issues for unknown reasons — likely genetic. Often times, fish — even sharks — with skin discoloration do not last long enough in the wild for fisherman to catch them. Not only can pigmentation serve as an important layer of protection from the sun, but it also helps animals blend in with their surroundings, helping them to avoid predators from a young age.

Try Out All Inclusive Resorts If You Need Vacation Rentals

Swell sharks are typically not prized by fisherman since the flesh of this fish is not considered tasty. Fishing in Cabo instead focuses on popular species such as yellowtail, dorado, snapper, swordfish and more, with options to deep sea fish as well. If your intent in Cabo is to concentrate on fishing, you may want to consider staying in all inclusive resorts. This way, you don?t need to waste time on finding food every morning, or anything else — instead, you can spend your time fishing at the best times of the day for it. All inclusive resorts also have numerous options for relaxing after a long day of fishing. Who could say no to a massage?

If you?re looking for vacational rentals in Cabo, do your research, and consider the benefits of luxury resorts. Who knows — you might just find an alien fish of your own this trip!

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