Myrtle beach vacation rentals

A lot of people enjoy taking vacations but they can be expensive. In 2015, the average rate for hotel stays was $120 per day. This is one of the reasons more people than ever are considering looking for vacation rentals. At least 47% say they might go that route rather than stay in a hotel and 46% cite condominium resorts as options. There are other benefits to staying at vacation rentals. Here is a run down of some of them.

  1. You get more space. Vacation rentals give you a lot more space than the single room you get in a hotel room. This means that after a long day at the beach or checking out the sites you and your family can stretch out around more space to unwind, spend more time together and relax. You can go back to your rental unit and watch a movie or TV or play a game. The extra space makes it a lot more relaxing for a family. If you have children, they can play throughout the rental until and not be confined to one room.
  2. You can do laundry! For families traveling, this is an enormous benefit. The majority of vacation rentals come with a washer dryer. If you are traveling with kids, they will get dirty on vacation just as they do at home. The ability to just throw in a load of laundry rather than send it to the hotel laundry, which is expensive will make a big difference. This also means you can bring less with you. That means you will save on airline baggage fees.
  3. Stay in to eat your meals. When you stay in a hotel, unless it is an extended stay hotel, all of your meals have to be at restaurants. That gets to be expensive and not very healthy. When you rent beach condos, you get a full kitchen. You can go to the grocery store and then cook most of the meals at the unit. This saves money but it also gives you a chance to enjoy each other’s company over quiet meals “at home.” The food you make at home is always a lot healthier than what you get when you dine out for every meal.
  4. You get the amenities of home. You get a lot more amenities that are like the ones you have at home, or they are better, when you go with vacation rentals. They often have entertainment systems so you can sit back at night and enjoy a movie. They have a much more “homelike” feel than a hotel. You can often get better amenities in vacation rentals than hotel and motel rooms. Oceanfront condos often have a much better view than the one you would get from a hotel. Most vacation rentals also come with WiFi and cable.
  5. You get a lot more privacy. When you are in a hotel, you can hear what everyone around you is doing and they can hear you. Beach condo rentals offer heaps more in the way of privacy. First of all, you do not have people on all sides of you doing their thing. There might be another vacation rental but it is not butting right up against the unit you are in. Secondly, you do not have to deal with a crowded lobby every time you come and go.
  6. The customer service is first rate. Many vacation rentals go through a real estate agent’s office who will handle any problems that come up while you are on vacation. Because they have fewer people to worry about than the staff at a hotel, you get more personalized service.

Vacation rentals have a lot of advantages over hotels for families who want to save money but still take a great vacation. You can take the money you would spend eating every meal out at restaurants and use it for more fun adventures on your vacation. The ability to do laundry makes you worry less about your children getting as dirty as they will on a beach vacation. If you are looking for a cost effective way to take your family on vacation, renting beach condos is a great way to go.


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