Over 95% of all surveyed American workers agree that taking a vacation is very important to them, since a vacation to an exotic new place is a great way to relax and have some fun. It can be good for health, too, by lowering stress levels. This means that the United States is home to a robust domestic tourism industry, which in turn supports many jobs at airports, hotels, and more. Where is everyone going, then? Many vacations are taken to the historic colonial region of the country, or to the sunny beaches of Florida, California, and Hawaii. But another option beckons: Alaska. This state is more than a sheet of ice; it is home to diverse and gorgeous wildlife, and many tourists who visit that state report being very satisfied with their trip. Some are even surprised by how much fun they had while visiting Alaska. Up there, the options are varied, from visiting museums in the cities to helicopter tours and tours by dogsled, and much more. Looking up Anchorage helicopter tours online is a great way to start.

Anchorage Helicopter Tours Done Right

When it comes to glacier flights or other helicopter rides in Alaska, it is best to start early. While Alaska is not the go-to tourist destination like Hawaii is, it still attracts generous crowds every year, especially outdoors enthusiasts who want to go exploring that state’s vast wilderness. So, someone interested in Anchorage helicopter tours can look online several weeks or a few months ahead of time, to beat the crowds and find a time slot that fits their vacation schedule. In other cases, a tourist might even look up Anchorage helicopter tours first and book one, then schedule their vacation to Alaska if this proves more convenient. For some tourists, a helicopter tour may be the main attraction, so they’ll plan it first and set up the rest of their schedule later to make sure they find a time slot for the tour.

Once a tourist group arrives in Alaska and they visit the helicopter tour base, the tourists may meet the staff and pilots, then choose a pilot and helicopter that are to their liking. Everyone, including a tour guide, will get on board the vehicle, its doors will close, and it takes off to fly along a pre-set route. During this flight, everyone can talk to each other with headsets (helicopters are noisy), and the tour guide can explain local history and nature facts for the group. From this high vantage point, a tourist can get many excellent views of Alaska’s broad expanses, and if desired, the helicopter may even land atop a glacier so the tourists can get out and walk around a bit. Helicopters will fly on these tours in all but the most dangerous or severe weather.

On the topic of helicopters, they can also be useful for Alaska glacier wedding packages. Some brides and grooms today are creative about their wedding venue, and during mild weather, they can choose to have a small, private ceremony atop an Alaskan glacier. This means finding and booking an Alaska helicopter wedding package, and once the small wedding party arrives, they are flown up to a secluded spot atop a glacier. Up there, the state’s natural vista can make for an excellent backdrop, and some helicopter wedding packages may come with extra amenities as well.

Other Tourism Ideas

A helicopter ride is great fun, but it’s not the only way to explore Alaska. Many outdoors lovers fly up to this state and stay in rented log cabins, as opposed to hotels in the cities. From there, they can go hiking in the state’s expansive wilderness, to see, photograph, and sketch all kinds of exotic wildlife. Many tourists in Alaska also take this opportunity to go rock climbing or mountain climbing, too. This state’s river rapids are a fine chance for exciting kayaking adventures, and during warm weather, fishing in those streams can be a great way to relax. Ice fishing can be done on frozen lakes during cold weather, another popular option for anglers. Finally, big game hunters can visit this state to go after big game they wouldn’t find back home where they live.

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