Every time you are going for a holiday, you struggle to find the best place for your family. Sometimes you are conflicted between a hotel and cabins near me. On many occasions, you have considered hotels in place of cabins. However, this time around, it will be important if you can consider cabins near me as they offer advantages, some of which have been discussed below.

Peaceful and Quiet

You already have the experience of choosing hotels every time you go on vacation. With more than 35% of families going on vacation every year, hotels tend to overcrowd. At night, you will have to deal with noises and other uncomfortable scenarios such as drunkenness. This is not the holiday you pictured in your mind when you were packing. Private cabins provide peace and silence that you cannot comprehend. Located in a serene and remote environment, you don’t have to deal with noises from thin hotel walls.

Beautiful Surroundings

In addition to excess visitors, hotels have small rooms that cannot accommodate pictures and other beautifying features. You will have nothing to gaze to or to trigger your mind. You will be forced to deal with the unending stream of boring colors.

However, cabins near me offer you an opportunity for you to enjoy some of the most breathtaking sceneries. You will have an opportunity to enjoy the clear night sky, cool breeze near large water bodies, and sometimes snow caps if you choose cabin rentals located next to a mountain.

Sufficient Space

In the last few years, the average size of the hotel room has been decreasing. Commercial developers and hotel investors are finding smaller rooms cheap to construct and maintain. You don’t have a choice when looking for lodging except for the small rooms available. However, cabins near me have not changed their original sizes. You still have an opportunity to access very large rooms with sufficient spaces. Some cabin rentals can accommodate 4-6 family members, which is a huge benefit.

Different Cabin Options

When you are choosing a hotel, you already know what to expect. However, for cabins near me, there are unending possibilities. You will come across different cabin rentals near Asheville NC and you can choose what works for your family. Besides the different sizes, there are other differentiating amenities.

For example, a normal cabin has an outdoor hot tub. However, there are luxury cabins near Asheville NC that are secluded and have private pools for couples and much more. It all depends on what you need and what will meet the needs of your family.

No Schedules

In hotels, you have to follow a certain timetable failure to which you will inconvenience the hotel staff. Sometimes you might end up missing on breakfast or lunch because you were not awake. All these problems added together make hotels sound like high schools rather than a holiday destination.

However, cabin rentals don’t have programmed schedules. You have your freedom to do everything that you want in your own time. Besides, cabins have kitchens, which allow you to prepare food for yourself. You will never miss breakfast because you woke up at 10:00 AM.


As you already know, going for a vacation constitutes a significant financial investment. In some cases, families have to save all year so that they can be able to pay for their holidays. The whole situation is complicated by the fact that most of the hotels hike their fees, which makes it even more complicated. However, cabin rentals are not as expensive as hotels. There are several ways you can maneuver around and save some bucks. For example, preparing meals for your family in a cabin kitchen will help you save more than 15% of your holiday budget.

At Laughing Heart Lodge, which was built in 1982, and served for over 50 years before converted into Jesuit Retreat Center, you can get cabins near me. The cabins for rentals located in this facility are spacious, luxurious, and cost-friendly.

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