About 96% of workers in the United States say vacation time is important to them. However, the choice of accommodation can break or make a trip. It is, therefore, important to carefully choose where you stay in Mendocino cottages while giving the process the weight it deserves. Although the hotel priorities may differ depending on location, a luxury hotel is one of the best accommodation choices. The common perception is that luxury hotels are too expensive and only affordable to the wealthy and celebrities. However, some luxury hotels are quite affordable. In this article, we have prepared a guideline on how to choose a perfect luxury hotel,and Why you should stay in a luxury hotel.

Better service

Luxury hotel staff, especially those who interact with guests, undergo rigorous training and the hiring process. Service is the differentiating factor between conventional hotels and luxury hotels. In fact, they even anticipate customer needs and respond accordingly. You’ll definitely notice their exceptional services, which come with a personal touch. Special services include welcome drinks, personalized welcome notes, and accommodating special requests such as marriage proposals. Luxury hotels also boast of reliable check-in. You can easily summon front desk personnel with a bell.


When traveling to a new place, you’ll want assurance of your security. Luxury hotels offer topnotch security. There are special cards to rooms and cameras even in elevators.

Tip Top Amenities

Luxury hotel rooms come with a lot of amenities which cover everything you need. You can expect top of the line TVs, minibars, top-notch toiletries, and coffee machines. Most luxury hotels also have a cozy ambiance, pool facilities and great views.

Better value

Luxury travelers endear luxury hotels because of their attention to detail. For example, it is not uncommon to get champagne for anniversaries and cake for your birthday. They also have better furniture, top of the line suites, a welcoming atmosphere, and great aura for relaxation. You will get value for your money.

Exquisite design

Ideal luxury hotels have fancy and beautiful designs from the reception, lounge, and public places. You feel that you are in a special place immediately you step into the hotel.

Choosing a Luxury Hotel


The budget is the top consideration when choosing a suitable hotel for you. It accounts for a large portion of your travel spending. Luxury hotels vary significantly depending on price and demand. After preparing a budget, you will need to determine how much you allocate to hotel costs. Determine if your priority is spending in a luxury hotel or if you want to save on hotel costs to spend more on dining out and activities. If spending on a hotel is a priority, you should ensure the room category fits your budget.


Another thing you should consider is the hotel location. Typically, location choice will depend greatly on personal preference. The location is a necessity if you need important amenities such as a wedding venue and airport. If you are on a city break, a quiet, pleasant environment will be ideal. Similarly, you need to consider the mode of transport. If you will not be hiring a car, a hotel that is close to public transport is a suitable choice. Also, choose a hotel in a neighborhood that you would like to explore. Another important thing is to choose a practical location that allows you to travel to important tourist attractions easily. If it is the first time in a city, you will want to choose a hotel that is in the central


Before booking a hotel, ensure it has all the essential amenities that you need. Do you fancy a hair salon or spa? Is WIFI vital for you? If you love swimming the last thing you want is to book a hotel without a pool. Other amenities to consider are a club room, gym, and 24/7 reception.


Some luxury hotels have a remarkable history and a superb reputation. These hotels boast of top-class and exceptional services.


A vacation is meant for relaxation, winding up, and having fun. The choice of the hotel should complement your trip. It’s, therefore, imperative to choose a luxury hotel to ensure that your vacation is worth remembering.

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