Cabin camping in iowa

If you are considering going camping for the first time as one of your family vacations, you may want to consider a few things before heading out. If your entire family is extremely outdoorsy and love to enjoy nature and everything that goes with it, then you all may be preparing for this type of family vacation but if you aren’t really sure of what to expect when it comes to camping, you may want to look in to vacation cabin rentals to wean you into the world of camping. While sleeping under the stars may sound romantic and beautiful, there are a few things that you may not expect. Let’s take a look at some reasons you may want vacation cabin rentals for the first camping experience.

This is not a surprising one. Obviously, when you sleep outside you are going to need to be prepared for bugs and pests and critters and possibly full on animals. The type of critter you may encounter while out in the wilderness differs depending on the area where you set up camp but they can range from spiders and ants to bears and mountain lions. You should do the research about the area beforehand and find out what to expect and how to deal with it. If you are cabin camping instead, the critters will still be around but they will be shut out of the cabin just like they would in your own home or a hotel. Well, a few might slip through the cracks or come up the drains but not nearly as many as if you were fully exposed outdoors.

Temperatures and conditions can be unpredictable, especially if you are in a forest or up in the mountains. You may have to plan for both warm and cool weather. Sometimes, temperatures can be very warm in the day time but then drop considerably when the sun goes down, making nights unbearably cold. This may mean shorts and tanks in the day and then insulated sleeping bags and hot water bottles for night. The great thing about vacation cabin rentals is that some of them actually have a heater and cooler system installed so that you can regulate the temperature of your cabin. If you are trying to wean in real camping then you may not want to use those and focus of helping everyone to get use to the fluctuating weather patterns, but if you are looking for a comfortable stay then they are a great benefit.

If you are staying in a tent then you will need to have all of your food and drinks securely closed up and sealed so as not to attract bears and other animals. Staying in a cabin still requires sealing up food for the same reason but it eliminates the fear of being out in the open if one shows up. It’s always good practice to get in the habit of sealing food no matter where you decide to stay. There are containers that you can buy that ensure that all odors, even to animal noses remain contained.

This is a huge one if you aren’t used to camping. There are no showers, no bathrooms and no water facilities at all. That is, if you aren’t at an official campground. That can be a deal breaker for some people so you’ll want to check with the family that they are okay with that before you start planning. Staying in vacation cabin rentals gives you access to a shower, sinks, toilets, etc. They may not be as high of quality as the facilities in your own home, but they will be a good in between from having your what you are used to and absolutely nothing but trees and leaves.

If you are wanting to make camping a regular thing for the family then take it in small steps. Camping is a fairly inexpensive way to enjoy a family vacation. This means that you can work your way up to outdoor camping or tent camping quite quickly with putting everyone into shock. If you do too much too soon, than you may find that your family hates camping and you will never be ale to convince them to try camping again.

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