Guest ranches

Even before the United States officially became a nation of its own, it was very clear that the land we had underneath our feet was perfect for ranching and farming. As we moved our way west, this notion became even clearer. America had in its possession some of the most remarkable farmland in the entire world and a great deal of it.

There is so much that can be done with all of the land we have in the United States. Whether it be Montana cattle ranches or California farmland, the possibilities for working this land are many. And work it we do. In Texas alone, on out of every seven people working work in an agricultural related job. It could be farming or it could be ranching. Texas has something for every type of agricultural worker.

When it comes to ranching and farming, the two seem like they are one and the same but in fact, they are somewhat different. Both ranching and farming are equally important in the way we raise and produce food, but the differences as easily apparent.

Farming basically entails an expertise in soil, fertilizer, seeds and seed varieties, and plant growing. Farmers raise crops, primarily. However, the raising of hogs, dairy, and chicken are also said to be done by farmers. It is the focus on the soil, what grows and what can be nurtured as a result of their soil expertise that makes a farmer a farmer.

On the other hand, there are ranchers. Ranchers raise cattle or sheep. Their primary purpose is to raise these animals, herding them to the best grazing parts of the land and making sure they are fed and taken care of properly until it is time for them to be sold or taken to market. One of the most central parts of a job for a rancher is to maintain the health of the cattle, sheep, goats, or other animals in their care. On Montana cattle ranches, for example, keeping the cattle healthy in all kinds of weather can be challenging in any season.

In the midwestern states of America, you are likely to find a working farm or ranch in just about any of the states. Texas leads the way in the value of farm real estate as it is the largest state in the lower 48. Most of the farmland in western Texas is used for cattle ranching. Acres and acres of land roll out to the west and cattle graze on that land throughout the year.

Montana cattle ranches are working ranches but many of them are also used as guest ranches. Many people visit them each year from cities across the country and around the world to see how they operate. Most of them offer working vacations where guests can learn to ride and help herd cattle along underneath the beautiful Montana skies.

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