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People don’t travel by bus as much as they used to, largely because more people have cars now than they used to and air travel also is much less expensive than in the days when it was under heavier government regulation. However, that doesn’t mean that people don’t ride on buses at all. The business has just shifted more to private motor coach travel then general passenger bus travel. The motor coach industry carries more than 630 million passengers annually and continues to thrive. There are a number of reasons that individuals and organizations choose to rent a charter bus to carry passengers.

One of the biggest customers to rent a charter bus is schools. Schools from elementary on up to public and private colleges use charter buses to transport students to athletic competitions, special events and many other things. Though school buses are used for many of these trips, charter buses may be the choice when the trip is very long or when a regular school bus isn’t available.

Another common reason to rent a charter bus is for group tours. Many businesses such as casinos or shopping malls often offer charter bus tours that will bring groups in from out of town to spend a day there. Such businesses can easily make back the money they spend to rent a charter bus through the increased business they get from the captive audience of bus riders who spend the day there. Group bus tours also may involve seeing some sort of scenery, such as fall foliage.

Another reason people choose charter bus rentals is for special events, such as a wedding or graduation. Not only can a motor coach serve as a “party bus” for the wedding party, it also can be used to ferry guests and family members from a hotel to a wedding venue or for many other purposes related to the event.

While motor coaches work from a logistical standpoint to get large numbers of people from point A to point B, they also can be good for the environment as well. Though you might not see a big diesel bus as environmentally friendly, one charter bus potentially removes 55 automobiles that otherwise might be on the road. That has the potential to remove 4.3 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually per car.

Though renting a charter bus can be expensive, it has many benefits that make it worth considering for your next large trip or event.

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