Vacation rentals cabo san lucas

Have you ever dreamed about taking your perfect vacation, something that is tropical and has a lot of beaches to lie out on? Perhaps your dream included a resort that had everything you could ever need or want, not requiring you to leave the resort for anything. The weather is always warm and the water is just as warm. A great tropical dream vacation is that of Cabo San Lucas. Cabo San Lucas is the perfect vacation for all ages and types of people because of everything that it has to offer in terms of entertainment, recreation and dining. Cabo San Lucas is the dream vacation that can actually come true.

Many people choose to visit Cabo San Lucas because of the beautiful weather. The average temperature of Cabo San Lucas during the summer is roughly 70 to 100 degrees (Fahrenheit). During the winter the temperature is about 50 to 80 degrees. The year round average is about 78 degrees. The wonderful weather of Cabo San Lucas makes it a great place to participate in outdoor activities and oceanfront sports. Many of the all inclusive resorts and vacation rentals actually have oceanfront sports available within the resort.

The wonderful weather and oceanfront location of Cabo San Lucas also makes it a very popular fishing location. Those travelers who enjoy fishing will find an abundance of fishing opportunities here. Many vacation rentals and the Cabo San Lucas villa rentals provide guests with a variety of fishing locations close by. In fact, Cabo San Lucas is home to the Bisbee?s Black and Blue Marling Fishing Tournament, which is the world?s richest fishing tournament with a jackpot of over 3 million dollars. It is held annually in October. Bisbee?s Offshore Tournaments also hosts other fishing tournaments in the area. That specific tournament attracts a lot of fishing enthusiasts to the cities? local Cabo all inclusive hotels, making it important to book early during those months.

Many travelers from the United States choose to visit Cabo San Lucas because of the ease of travel. Cabo San Lucas vacations are just a few short hours on an airplane and make for a beautiful and convenient vacation. Travelers from the United States may be worried about changing over their currency, but fortunately Cabo San Lucas will accept United States dollar. Travelers from the United States can pay for vacation rentals and their all inclusive vacation packages with American dollars.

Using dollars is not a problem when traveling to Cabo. Most places accept both dollars and pesos. However, if you do use dollars, you will most likely get pesos as change. Also most vendors use a 10 peso to 1 dollar exchange rate which is higher than the actual exchange rate, around 12 pesos to 1 dollar. The acceptance of both forms of currency makes the travel to Cabo San Lucas for Americans even simpler.

With summer finally being here, many Americans are planning their summer vacations. Many dream of a tropical and all inclusive vacation by the ocean with a lot of entertainment. Cabo San Lucas offers all of these things, including many dining and outdoor recreation activities. It also offers an abundance of fishing and one of the world?s largest fishing tournaments. Cabo San Lucas is home to many all inclusive resorts and many of these resorts and the business establishments accept both United States dollars and Pesos to make traveling easier for tourists.

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