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Have you gone on vacation recently? When the weather gets warm and free time becomes more of a reality than a distant dream, choosing the best place to kick up your feet and relax worry-free is at the forefront of many a worker’s mind. If not, you may want to start looking at prices for vacation rentals. The market is a booming one, both stateside and worldwide, and there’s never been a better time to craft the vacation you’ve always wanted. It’s an incredibly good way to meet people, have some fun and even improve your physical and emotional health! Let’s take a look at what vacation rentals have to offer over traditional hotels and what hot spots would fit you best.

How Often Do People Vacation?

Vacation time is a hot-button issue…but why? Studies have shown 45% of Americans taking a summer vacation, with more than three out of four domestic trips taken for leisure purposes. The vast majority of summer trips are executed by personal vehicle, at 90%, followed by air, train and bus. While cities and national parks are popular for their vibrant culture and easy traveling, the beach still reigns supreme.

What Are The Most Popular Vacation Spots?

Quality vacation rentals can be found all over the country, thanks to the United States’ wealth of beautiful environments and thriving vacation economy. The average daily rate of the U.S. hotel industry has reached over $120 million in 2015 alone, with expectations expecting a slow but steady increase over the next decade. Hawaii, in particular, has remained one of the top dream vacation destinations for young adults and older adults alike. What makes the ocean so beloved across multiple demographics, anyway?

How About Ideal Beach Properties?

There’s a reason the beach has remained one of the most lively and romantic locations for vacationers over the decades — the incredible weather, soothing waves and wealth of nearby activities make it prime for those that want to relax and those that want to have fun! Oceanfront condo rentals are placed in ideal locations, to better help you segue from chilling to getting active without wasting too much time traveling from place to place. If you have a love for warm sands and beach culture, look no further than beach condo rentals to cure what ails you. As for what exactly ails you, continue reading below!

What Are The Health Benefits?

Work week after work week can take a serious toll on your physical and mental health — stress is one of the most subtle and most effective drains on one’s well-being, contributing to higher rates of illness, back pain and sleeping disorders. As such, vacation rentals go beyond the realm of fun and land right in-between ‘relaxing’ and ‘just what the doctor ordered’! The top five reasons workers and families will choose vacation rentals over the more common alternative of staying in traditional hotels are for price, at 94%, privacy, at 90%, and the high-quality amenities, at 84%, respectively.

What Are Traveling Concerns?

Last, but definitely not least, we have traveling. Everyone wants their vacation to go off without a hitch. A survey of would-be travelers revealed the majority of respondents worried about losing their credit cards or important documents, followed close behind by getting sick or losing luggage. Taking the time to set up your vacation can be time-consuming, but the peace of mind you’ll get is irreplaceable.

How Do I Get Started?

Vacation rentals, be they rent beach condos or smaller alternatives, are one of the best ways to spend your leisure time. The extra space and additional privacy will allow you room to breathe compared to more traditional methods of stay — as of recent years, more leisure travelers than ever have stayed in vacation home rentals for their combination of quality and relaxation. Direct spending on leisure travel by both domestic and international travelers has exceeded $645 billion in the past few years, cultivating a more sound body and a more happy mind in one fell swoop. Where will you get started on your dream vacation?

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