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Sometimes the best plans fall into place very quickly.
The fact that your two college age nephews made it to the Ultimate Frisbee National Tournament was very fun. You did not realize, however, how fun it was until you realized that you might actually be able to watch them. Their tournament is at BB and T Soccer Field in Winston-Salem, Massachusetts. Although the location is many hours from your home, you have been invited to ride with some of the parents of the team to the match. The only catch is that they will not have room for you on the ride home. When the tournament is over, their sons will be traveling home with their parents. So while you have a ride to the tournament, if you go you need to find your own ride home.
At first, it did not seem like much of a travel plan, but your husband suggested that you check on the availability of empty leg charter flights. Within a couple of hours you had found an answer. Although the flight was not cheap, the empty leg charter flights offered prices that were made a lot more sense than the round trip tickets the airlines would have made you buy. Those commercial airline times were not convenient and you were looking forward to the one way car ride in preparation for the big game.
Problem soved.
Private Airplane Charter Services Offer Empty Leg Charter Flights with Reasonable One Way Pricing Options
When most people think of flying they have thoughts of long security lines, detailed baggage regulations, crowded seating, and more time on the ground before and after the flight than the actual flight time. Charter aircraft services, however, provide a completely different option. Flying in and ou of much smaller airports, custom jet charters offer many advantages:

  • more comfortable seating options
  • personal in flight service
  • less time dealing with parking, baggage, and crowded security lines
  • options for reasonable priced one way travel destinations
  • flexible scheduling
  • chosing your flying companions

Empty leg charter flights are especially appealing to business travels who are trying to adhere to tight schedules. Commercial airlines do not always offer scheduled flights that meet the needs of a business traveler who has to make several meetings in several cities in just a few short days. In fact, the reality of long security lines means that some business travelers do not have enough time in the day to fly commercially. Private charter jets, though the prices may seem higher at first, may actually safe a company money when travelers can avoid extra hotel stays and other travel expenses.
Of the 8 million people who fly every day, Expedia reports that as many as 20% request aisle seats. This should come as no surprise since 30% of travelers who answered a TripAdvisor survey indicated that providing more comfortable seating is the best improvement most airlines could make. And while commercial travelers struggle to find enough leg room, people who chose executive charter flights rarely have this complaint. In fact, many business travelers who select private charter options even have enough room to work during their travel time in the air. Research indicates that when aboard a company-operated aircraft, business travelers spend approximately 36% of their time in meetings with colleagues. Additionally, 30% of this travel time is dedicated to doing individual work tasks. The remaining flight time is spent on non-work related things, including reading for pleasure or sleeping.
How Valuable Is Your Time When You Travel?
The recent news reports about increasing long lines for security on commercial flights across the country make charter flights even more appealing. Just last week a number of travelers missed their flights because of three hour long lines for security at Chicago’s O’Hare airport. In response to the problem, airport officials explained that they would increase the number of staff at working security and the number of security dogs on duty. Those increases, however, will not go into effect for at least another three weeks. In the mean time, commercial travelers are encouraged to allow extra time for their air travel.
If your time is too valuable to be standing in long security lines for hours, charter airline service might seem like a real bargain.

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