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In 2009, some 61.5 million Americans chose to travel to a different country, and a little over 30 million went overseas, according to the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries. The lack of travel outside the border is emphasized by the fact that, of the 308 million plus citizens of the United States, just under a third actually have passports. There are lots of factors that contribute to this trend, but, simply put, traveling abroad is far more difficult than just heading to another state.

One of the main reasons why people do not travel is that, quite simply, doing so is quite expensive. With the combined cost of flights, lodging, and even eating, not to mention the potentially lost wages when people go on vacation, trips overseas will cost in the thousands. For some, that is simply not realistic. But, perhaps of more concern, is the fact that many Americans are more comfortable at home, and have little knowledge of other places. According to Matthew Kepnes, in a 2011 article, “Not taking the leap is comforting, because this is the American life.” If you feel uncomfortable leaving the comfort of The States, watching some informational Travel Channel videos could be a good idea.

The best travel videos will be able to show much more than just the well-known sites and sounds of different cities and countries. They should give an in-depth look at the life and culture of the people who live there so that, before traveling, you will be able to understand exactly what to expect abroad. As a result, watching some Travel Channel videos is a must for anybody who is apprehensive about leaving the country.

Of course, Travel Channel videos are a great resource because they provide lots of insights about what to do while on a vacation or even a business trip in a different country. It can be tough to figure out exactly what to do or how to get around in a foreign place, especially if you do not have lots of experience traveling. Not only will good videos cover all the popular attractions, but also a few of the lesser-known places so that you can get the most rewarding experience when you travel.

Fortunately, cable is not the only place to get some tips about traveling abroad. There are lots of websites that feature some great videos about traveling, and there are even YouTube travel videos that you can watch to get ready for your trip. The highly accessible nature of those videos means that everyone has the ability to get more information about other countries and feel comfortable about enjoying a trip there.

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