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    Why Booking Business Flights on Private Jets Can Make Your Employees and Company More Productive and Profitable

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    Executive private jet charter

    In an increasingly globalized world with the majority of businesses conducting international business or opening worldwide branches of their companies every day, travel is guaranteed to be a necessity in order to maintain a successful company. While flying first class provides great privileges such as private working spaces, multiple electrical outlets, attentive service, and comfortable seating, choosing this option for your employees to travel may actually be causing a loss in profits for your company. Surprisingly, a worldwide jet charter may be the most profitable choice for your company.

    Oftentimes, flights are scheduled during precious business hours. This results in employees having to take these trips during hours they could be working


    Experience Famous Landmarks and Fine Wine Tours in Tuscany, Italy

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    Tuscan wine tours

    Are you planning a romantic getaway? These are considered to be the most popular types of vacations according to’s “Traveler’s Sweet Spot” survey. The results of this survey showed that 34% of women and 38% of men shared that romantic getaways were the best reason to go on vacation.

    Since you want to find the most romantic hotel for your romantic getaway, have you considered a luxury hotel in Tuscany? Since you want to have an old-world experience, you will enjoy spending hours strolling through famous Tuscan landmarks hand-in-hand. If you’re not already married, this vacation may be so romantic that you’re likely to become engaged.

    Are you recently engaged and planning a destination wedding? The Knot’s “2016 Real Weddings Study” shows that destination weddings con


    3 Reasons IFE Systems Pay for Themselves

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    In seat usb power

    Humankind is made of billions of people. Each of these humans has a unique walk of life, religious belief, and set of priorities. No two people are alike. However, there is one common bond that we all join together in unity on: our common hatred of air travel.

    When commercial air travel first made its debut, it was intended only for the elite class, and came with a luxurious experience. However, as it became more mainstream and priced so that the “common man” could travel by air, the comforts of traveling by air dissipated. Now, we are strip searched and treated like criminals just to get to the airplane gate. The most basic travel necessities are robbed from us: closed-toed shoes, liquids that exceed 3 oz, toenail clippers. We have to pay an arm and a leg to bring our own belongings onto the plane


    Are You Looking for an Adventurous Family Vacation?

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    New orleans kayak

    The trip to New Orleans was even more fun than you expected.
    What started as a planned visit to two college campuses turned into a fun adventure, including a swamp kayak tour and plenty of beignets!
    No trip to New Orleans is complete if you do not spend some time on the water. Whether it is an affordable ferry ride to Algiers or a New Orleans kayak tour, getting out on the water at some point is the best way to visit the Big Easy. If you have not visited the state before, you might like know that Louisiana has more wetlands than all of the other states. In fact, Louisiana boasts nearly 11,000 square miles of floodplains and 7,800 sq miles of coastal swamps, marshes, and