Executive private jet charter

In an increasingly globalized world with the majority of businesses conducting international business or opening worldwide branches of their companies every day, travel is guaranteed to be a necessity in order to maintain a successful company. While flying first class provides great privileges such as private working spaces, multiple electrical outlets, attentive service, and comfortable seating, choosing this option for your employees to travel may actually be causing a loss in profits for your company. Surprisingly, a worldwide jet charter may be the most profitable choice for your company.

Oftentimes, flights are scheduled during precious business hours. This results in employees having to take these trips during hours they could be working in the office. According to a 2009 survey, businessmen and women reported a 40% decrease in their productivity when flying on commercial airlines. There are many distractions on a plane, but employees are often expected to use these business hours to conduct there work. The data from this survey highlights the fact that companies are losing required productivity during hours where work is expected. However, your employees still need to travel. So, what is the solution?

According to the same, aforementioned survey conducted in 2009, 20% of businessmen and women surveyed revealed that they are actually more productive on a company aircraft than their own offices. Employees are actually finding that they work even harder when traveling on an executive jet than in their own offices. This directly relates to the data that suggests commercial airlines reduce productivity in men and women on business trips.

While obtaining a private aircraft charter may seem like an unnecessary expense for your company, it is worth weighing the potential benefits. You could be making up valuable business hours lost when your employees travel on commercial flights and actually increase their work potential if their travel changed to taking place on a business private jet. If you are wanting to improve upon your company and discover ways to make your employees more productive, hiring an executive jet could be that change.

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