Weddings are a particular time for a couple to come together as a union, which means they want it to be as memorable as possible for both themselves and guests. There is a surplus of wedding ideas available for couples to choose from, including a helicopter wedding, glacier flights, and even dogsled tours for a special wedding event. Unique destinations are typically chosen to make the experience more memorable—Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, United Kingdom, and Thailand being some of the most popular unique destinations not only for special wedding events but a special anniversary event, too.

Best Unique Destinations For Your Wedding Or Anniversary

Have you ever wanted to travel somewhere different for your wedding? Wanted to do something special for your anniversary not quite like anything you’ve ever experienced? Many couples desire something similar; they don’t want their wedding or anniversary to be traditional—they’re looking for odd ideas to make them stand out from the rest. There is a vast number of places in the world that offer the once-in-a-lifetime experience couples are in search of, and all it takes is a quick google search.

1. Treehouse Point, Issaquah, Washington: Designed after a treehouse that brings back childhood memories, it’s one of the best places for a lover of nature. Treehouse Point is nestled between a beautiful lush forest that’s only a half-hour drive away from the scenic city of Seattle; Treehouse Point makes any event memorable, especially a special anniversary event for your sweetheart. Wedding events are extremely scenic and beautiful; vows can be exchanged in the trees with background sounds of the river providing natural musical arrangements. They also offer other incentives, such as learning indigenous cooking techniques and spend the night in the treehouse overlooking Snoqualmie Falls and Snoqualmie River.

2. Glaciers in Juneau, Alaska: Although this idea seems extremely far-fetched, for those who love the cold and outdoors, Alaska is the perfect destination. It provides some of the most picturesque photos for a special anniversary event or wedding, with the seemingly endless polar ice caps and frozen lakes in the background. Alaska glacier wedding packages are even available for couples interested—the popular glaciers are located just outside the city of Juneau, Mendenhall Glacier is the most picturesque in Juneau Icefield. You can book your ceremony with Pearson’s Pond Luxury Inn and Adventure Spa that specializes in glacier weddings—glacier flights via helicopter ride is offered for the bride and groom to transport them to their glacier for their unforgettable ceremony. These packages are also available for couples who are looking to plan a special anniversary event flightseeing Alaska.

3. Hot-Air Balloon in Albuquerque, New Mexico: Glacier helicopter tours not quite your thing? There’s still a chance to get up in the air for your special anniversary event in New Mexico where they offer hot-air balloon rides for wedding and anniversary venues. In New Mexico, the weather is typically ideal year-round, but it’s suggested the first two weeks in October are optimal for planning a ceremony or anniversary. Private balloons can be booked from the Balloon Fiesta field, and the Albuquerque Balloon Festival offers complete packages where you’ll drift among other hot air balloons for a memorable wedding or anniversary photos.

4. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii: If you’re looking for a destination as fiery as your love, getting married or celebrating your anniversary next to a volcano is the thrill you’re looking for. Booking venues at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a unique population destination for couples who are looking to say their vows at Kilauea Caldera—a part of a live volcano where lava splashes, making an ideal photo shoot for a special anniversary event. Exploration around the park is perfect for a special anniversary event, including snorkeling, swimming, botanical gardens, and scenic waterfalls.

5. Rollercoaster on Coney Island, New York: Tying the knot at the Cyclone Roller Coaster on Coney Island is a destination most people aren’t aware of. However, many rollercoasters enthusiasts couples venture to this place every year to a wedding and have a special anniversary event. For couples getting married on a roll, coaster symbolizes the ups and downs of marriage—you can book 24 guests for the coaster and indulge on funnel cakes and foot-long hot dogs.

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