When it’s time to go on vacation, many people enjoy traveling overseas to Ireland. In 2015, for example, non-residents took 8.6 million trips to this popular island destination. During the following year in 2016, there was a ten percent increase in non-resident vacationers. This amounted to a total of 9.6 million overseas trips to Ireland.

A Few Details About Ireland’s Geography

While there are several islands located close to the European continent, Ireland is the third largest one. It consists of 32,595 square miles, with the widest part of the island being roughly 174 miles. When measuring the longest distance, which is north-to-south, Ireland is 302 miles. In terms of its coastline, this stretches more than 3,000 miles.

A Few Details About Ireland’s Residents

In 1672, the population of Ireland was registered as 1,100,000. By 1804, estimates indicated that the country had a population of 5,395,436. More recently, in 2011, Ireland’s population was 4,588,252. When the world’s different populations were ranked in 2013, Ireland came in at 119th. Currently, 495,781 individuals live the largest city of Dublin. When considering the median age of the country’s residents, it was recently recorded as 34.

While other religions are practiced in Ireland, Catholicism continues to be the dominant faith. Recent figures indicate that 84% of the residents are Catholic.

A Few Details About Ireland’s Castles

There are more than 30,000 standing castles and castle ruins located throughout the country. Medieval Irish castles, in particular, are a popular travel destination. Guided tours of these castles and ruins are included with vacation packages.

Learn More About Luxury Tours to Ireland

Since you’re planning to vacation in Ireland, you may be interested in learning more about available vacation packages. There are different types of tours, which includes private as well as small group ones. It’s important to note that you can design a custom tour as well. When you embark on luxury tours to Ireland, just imagine visiting castles, ruins, and other historical sites of interest. While you’re visiting Ireland, you may also want to create the time to schedule a tour to Scotland or England as well.

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