Private aircraft

When most people think about flying on a private jet, they put the idea out of their heads, thinking it is something only for the rich and famous. In our modern, 21st Century world, things have definitely changed. Businesses everywhere are finding it to be a very cost-effective move to utilize private flights, especially if travel is a regular thing for employees.

A private jet charter for business is certainly still a luxury in terms of how you are treated and the comfort with which you travel, but it has become more a matter of course when it comes to business in the modern world. If you have a business where travel is required on a relatively regular basis, you should consider getting jet quotes to see how affordable and practical flying on a private jet can be.

There are many reasons you should fly on a private charter. Here are three.

1.) You are more productive.

While it might not necessarily be the first thing you would think of when you consider private jet travel, but it is a benefit you won’t get from jet quotes. Think about how crowded everything is on commercial flights. It is very difficult to read or write or have any kind of meeting while on a commercial flight.

With a private jet, you can a great deal accomplished. In 2009, there was a survey done, reporting the findings that people believe themselves to be 20% more productive on a company or private aircraft than in the office. Not just compared with commercial flights but compared with time in the office.

This survey also concluded that, when it did come to comparing commercial flights to private flights regarding productivity, those who flew privately were 40% more productive than when they flew commercially.

2.) It is more efficient.

This is kind of a no-brainer. Think about the last time you flew commercially and remember how you just walked right in and onto the plane? Yeah, probably not.

Forget about the hassles of standing in lines. Multiple lines. Consider how long it takes to get from boarding the plane to taking off. Then, from landing to deplaning. All of that extra time is not only avoided when you fly on a private jet, you pass the time it does take in comfort, allowing you to be rested when you arrive.

3.) You have more flexibility.

When you look into jet quotes, notice how much more flexible the industry becomes. Commercial airlines use a network of 550 airlines throughout the United States. Private jets utilize more than 5,000 airports. Just by looking at that comparison, you can easily see how much more flexible it can be for you to take a private jet.

These days, time is money. It is as true an adage today as it has always been; maybe even more. Utilizing the private jet industry can allow you to be more productive, more efficient, and more flexible with your time and planning.

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