Private jets

Statistics show that workers experience a 20% increase in productivity in company aircraft versus their own offices. It’s imperative that you utilize an executive private jet charter to complete business trips. You’ll find there are many options when choosing a private jet which can feel overwhelming. Learning about a few private jet rental considerations will help ensure you’ve made the right choice. Here are four important considerations to make when booking an executive private jet charter.

  1. Number of Passengers

    Many businesses utilize an executive private jet charter. You don’t have to run a Fortune 500 Company to need a private jet. However, it’s important to take note of how many passengers will travel with you. Very Light Jets are specific types of private aircraft that accommodate a smaller range of passengers. You’ll find that smaller sized private aircraft types work well if your business is on a tight budget.
  2. Length of Trip

    Statistics show that 22% of business aircraft passengers are top level managers. It’s important that the business elite on your flight have what they need during long trips. Many types of private aircraft contain amenities including bedrooms, showers, and massive meeting rooms. Most private flights are relatively short in nature but this isn’t always the norm. It’s wise to utilize an executive private jet charter that provides guests with plenty of amenities. Statistics show that one third of business aircraft flights land at a secondary airport. There are many secondary airports in the world which makes private jet travel popular for busy business owners.
  3. Amount of Additional Cargo

    Many private flights are concerned with getting passengers to their destination. In some cases, businesses need to bring large amounts of product or other baggage with them. You’ll find that private jets use more fuel to move heavier cargo loads. If moving excessive amounts of equipment, ensure you’re chartering a private aircraft with a lot of fuel capacity. The last thing you want to is to rent a smaller jet that needs to make multiple fuel stops.
  4. Finding the Right Company

    The most important decision when chartering a private jet is working with the right company. You’ll want to find a private jet chartering service that is well established. An executive private jet charter is an important purchase which makes working with an established company beneficial. You’ll have a hard time finding the right private jet if the chartering service has no options. A quality provider of private jet rentals will help ensure you’ve found the perfect aircraft to rent.

In closing, there are several considerations to make when choosing an executive private jet charter. You’ll want to consider how many passengers will be joining your upcoming flight. It’s important to determine how long an upcoming business trip will last and cargo amounts. You may find that certain types of private aircraft will require more fuel stops which could add delays. Longer travel times benefit from utilizing private jets with plenty of fuel storage capabilities. It’s best to work with a private jet charter service that provides plenty of aircraft options. Private jets allow executives to travel in an environment of both luxury and style.

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