private jetsWinter is never really over when you can go wherever you’d like. If you’re feeling inspired after watching some of the world’s best winter athletes compete this February, then don’t put those skis and snowboards away yet. Keep them sharp and waxed, because we’re firing up a bunch of private jets to get you on the slopes at some of the best places on earth.

Among the snow-capped mountains peppered about the planet, there are some particular peaks that boast a nearly perpetual ski season — and we’re ready to get you there. Most commercial airlines cruise lower (35,000 feet) than private aircraft, so when you charter private jets, you’ll literally be above other air traffic and get to your destination faster. So, pack your passports, snow gear, and beachwear, because, in some of these places — both domestic and international — the distance between ski lodges and sandy beaches isn’t as far as you think.

Stop One: Aspen

We’ll start here with a name that you’re likely familiar with. Aspen is an essential ski location in the United States. There are four parts of the mountain that are accessible to all levels of skiers. For families, the area of the mountain called Snowmass is bigger than the other three combined, complete with its own ski village and all manner of activities. Not to mention, you’re nestled high up in the Rocky Mountains, where the scenery is as breathtaking as the elevation.

Stop Two: Mammoth

Last ski season California’s famous Mammoth Mountain got more than 500 inches of snowfall. In fact, the Mammoth slopes got so much powder that they had to take a day to close the mountain and figure out what to do with it all. That’s a skier’s dream. Fortunately, they’re pretty good at making their mountain pristine because they were back in business almost immediately. After cruising Aspen, pop over to California and ride the 3,500+ acres of Mammoth. Renowned for having a solid snow base, this mountain stays open unseasonably late compared to many places (into the summer). Skiing in t-shirts and shorts is a common practice at this resort as the weather gets warmer.

Stop Three: Gstaad

You’ll get a little break for your sore legs as you zoom over to Switzerland. Much different than California, it’s a lot colder here, but the skiing is wonderful and the surroundings are entrancing. Ensconced in the romantic Alps, the resort and village look like something out of a winter dream. Luxurious shops and hotels surround the ski area, with mountainous views and historic castles nestled in between too. It’s a great final leg of the trip both for skiing and winding down with some leisurely shopping and sightseeing.

A lot of people tend to apply their private jet charter experience to tropical holidays and sandy Caribbean escapes. And Jet Aviation can certainly help you charter private jets to these sunny locales. While this is totally fine, winter deserves its fair share of adventure via private jets. Don’t hibernate as the final snows fall; get out there and wander the winter wonderlands sprinkled around the world. michael kors tasche michael kors tasche michael kors tasche

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