Single day bus tour

There are plenty of occasions when you need reliable transportation but can’t drive. You may have a larger group than fits in a car, and you want to travel together. Or you’re planning a night on the town with friends and don’t want the person chosen to be the designated driver to miss out all the fun. Charter bus rentals are a good solution, where you can leave the driving to the professionals, and focus on enjoying the trip. Best of all, charter buses are one of the greenest and most ecofriendly forms of travel, so your group can enjoy the trip with a clear conscience.

Planning your next day trip
Renting a bus is one of the easiest ways of getting there and back again, whatever your destination. Charters actually come in various sizes, from SUVs to vans to motorcoaches, so you can get the right size of vehicle for your group. With a professional driver in charge, you can all enjoy the trip, whether it’s a day’s sightseeing or trip to the mall, or a wine-and-dine evening after a Broadway show.
With a bus rental, you don’t need a designated driver. You can leave all the stressful driving tasks – plotting the route, dealing with traffic, and even looking for parking – to the professionals. Many bus companies have a lot of experience in planning day trips and can even help you with booking tickets, hotels, and even tour guides.

Reliable transportation for any group
Charter buses come very well-equipped, with DVD players, DirecTV, wi-fi, and surround sound. There are reclining seats and even galley kitchens for snacks and beverages. Safety features include the SMARTIRE warning system, and 3 way restraints in all seating.
Vans are also luxurious, with executive seating, wood grain floors, flat sceeens and satellite TVs. They can even add WiFi on request. Best of all, the vehicles have low-emissions engines. This, along with their low fuel consumption per head, makes them one of the greenest forms of transportation.

The greener option
Motorcoaches are simply one of the greenest types of transportation around. A motorcoach full of passengers could reduce the number of automobiles on the road by 55, which is the number of people it can seat. Buses are six times more energy efficient than single-occupancy vehicles, with the lowest carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per passenger mile compared to other vehicles.

This will win you brownie points for being environmentally friendly, especially from the younger members of your group. And you’ll all enjoy your trip the more, knowing that you’ve done your bit to reduce environmental pollution.

Charter buses, vans and SUVs provide reliable transportation for groups of any size. The vehicles are well-equipped with comfortable reclining seats, WiFi, large screen TVs, food and beverages on board. Charter buses are also one of the most ecofriendly forms of transportation, which will win approval from your group, especially the younger generation.

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