Private charter jets

Your time is worth money, and your comfort is even worth even more. If your business requires you to make long and frequent trips by air, private jet charters with flexible scheduling and comfortable surroundings may be the right solution for you. A charter jet company can access many more airports than commercial airplanes can, and it can also plan your trip with your schedule and optimal route in mind. When you charter a private jet, you get all the comfort and convenience of flying without the hassle associated with airports, crowds and cramped seats.

Charter jet companies are required to have an Air Carrier or Commercial Operating Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Charter flights are a very safe form of travel. With over 2,100 air charter operators nationwide, you can be sure of finding the one that will meet your specifications. Five of the most important reasons why a charter jet company can make flying fun again:

Flexible schedules
Private jet charter companies create schedules and routes to suit your convenience. This is the opposite of commercial flights, where you have to twist your schedules around to fit flight times and the routing can require changes and layovers that add hours to your overall traveling time.
Air charters offer service to destinations around the world. Within the U.S., air charter companies can access more than 5,000 public use airports. This is more than 100 times the number of airports served by commercial airlines. Flying air charter means that you can take the most direct route to your destination, and also access the airport which is closest to where you’re going.

Skip crowded airports
You’ve experienced the crowded skies yourself more times than you care to remember. It is estimated that more than 8 million people fly every day, on average. And sometimes it feels like they’re all heading for the same airport. It starts with the traffic, or the train or bus you take to get to the airport: a surefire source of delays and stress. Parking. Check in. Security. Boarding. Each step of the way is literally a fight to stay on schedule.
With jet charter services, the crowds vanish as if by magic. There’s no one and nothing between you and a smooth, comfortable flight to your destination, wherever in the world that might be.

VIP customer service
Charter plane services cut through the crowds, delays and hassles associated with commercial airline travel. Comfortable surroundings, catered meals and snacks, room to stretch out, relax and even take a nap, and top quality entertainment with the latest music and films: it feels like a throwback to the early days of air travel when it was a luxury.

Privacy and comfort
Not surprisingly, comfort is the biggest concern of air travelers. And for most people that means being able to stretch out comfortably. As many as 41% of all airline passengers feel that more legroom on planes would be the best improvement in air travel. On a charter flight, there is more legroom. There’s even room to lie down and take a nap.
And there’s a quiet and restful atmosphere that lets you work if you want. As many as one in five passengers flying in company aircraft said they were more productive on board than in the office. Conversely, their counterparts on commercial flights said they they experienced a 40% decline in productivity. Passengers on board a company-operated aircraft spend their time in meeting colleagues (about 36% of their time), doing individual work tasks (30% of the time) and relaxing, reading or sleeping.

One way pricing
If you’re planning only a one way trip or a long visit, you can find a charter jet company that does not charge you round trip prices for a one way trip. For a lower price, you can still get great service and aircraft.

Flying with a charter jet company can ensure that you and your colleagues arrive at your destination relaxed, rested and ready for work.

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