Maine cabins for rent

The cabins were perfect.
After months of looking online at various hotels and options, the cabins were a great solution.
When your college daughter’s gymnastics coach asked if you would make the trip south to help take gymnastics photos you were more than happy to do it, and you promised that you would do some research for some great photo locations. When your two college girlfriends agreed to travel 12 hours south for the team picture event they were more than happy to join, and you promised that you would find a place to stay.
While you were looking at places to camp and to rent cabins in Louisiana, you landed on one sight that was nestled in the middle of a large group of trees that would serve as a perfect backdrop. The two side by side cabins meant that everyone would have their own room and that the team could use the two bathrooms to change from their leotards for the formal team picture to a more casual outfit for the individual head shots.
How Often Do You Go Camping with Your Family and Friends?
Whether you are looking for cabins in Louisiana, Colorado, or Maine, a family and friend camping trip is a great way to affordably vacation and enjoy the outdoors. From scenic locations for hiking to perfect settings for family or group photos, finding the best camping spot is the best way to enjoy a new, or familiar state. A hotel in downtown Denver, for instance, may provide a great place to shop and enjoy the city, but if you are looking for a way to take in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, a cabin is the way to go.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the benefits of staying in a cabin over a more traditional hotel stay:

  • 63% of adults stayed within 150 miles of home during their camping trips, meaning that these families were able to enjoy the destination, not just a long road trip.
  • 40 million people went on a total of 515 million camping trips in the year 2010.
  • 34% of campers did not make advanced camp site reservations.
  • 43% of campers planned their trips at least one month in advance.
  • 47% of campers indicate that the single biggest motivator for going camping is the joy of camping in and of itself.
  • 5.4 is the average number of camping trips that campers went on in the year 2013.

A long road trip with college girlfriends or a romantic getaway with your spouse are both perfect times to check into the possibility of staying in a cabin surrounded by the local flora and fauna. From cypress trees in Louisiana to the mountains in Colorado, a cabin can put you right in the middle of the scenery you are hoping to both enjoy and photograph!

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