Factors to Consider When Looking for a Shuttle Transportation Service to the Airport

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    Luggage check! Plane ticket check! What next? Your means to the airport. There is nothing stressful for a traveler than worrying about how to get to an airport on time for a scheduled flight. It’s even more harrowing if there are no logistics to get to your final destination after alighting a plane. Most of the times it becomes challenging to choose the preferred shuttle service to the airport, considering the important factors that have to be looked at.

    Ideally, you want a shuttle service company that offers best deals in terms of prices, service delivery, convenience, reliability and more, whether you are on a business or a vacation trip. You simply want to avoid unnecessary cost, wasting time waiting for a taxi, and the entire traveling hassle. Here are four vital tips to help you find the


    More American Couples are Planning Green Weddings, and Shuttle Buses Top Their Wish Lists

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    Looking to make your wedding or commitment ceremony stand out? As the market for destination weddings continues to grow, more Americans are searching for easy travel options for their friends and family. Everyone is familiar with shuttle services: those passenger buses and vans that transport travelers from the airport to their destinations. However, what wedding planners may not realize is that if couples want to rent a charter bus, they can plan special trips for their guests in the days leading up to their wedding.
    Many American cities are closer to wine country than they realize. Special events bus tour companies are able to help wedding planners and couples reserve tour buses to tour the city, a