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Looking to make your wedding or commitment ceremony stand out? As the market for destination weddings continues to grow, more Americans are searching for easy travel options for their friends and family. Everyone is familiar with shuttle services: those passenger buses and vans that transport travelers from the airport to their destinations. However, what wedding planners may not realize is that if couples want to rent a charter bus, they can plan special trips for their guests in the days leading up to their wedding.
Many American cities are closer to wine country than they realize. Special events bus tour companies are able to help wedding planners and couples reserve tour buses to tour the city, attend pre-wedding events such as rehearsal dinners, and even to take special trips into the countryside to have an elegant day of wine tasting and sightseeing. Looking for a different experience? Shuttle services can hook couples up with a dedicated tour bus driver who can ferry them to the beach, take the entire group to a special picnic destination, or even drive up into the mountains to look at the stars.
Shuttle buses can be booked for single day bus tours or for longer trips. Instead of paying for tickets for family members to attend your destination wedding, it might be more affordable and fun to book shuttle service instead. A multi day bus tour can get guests to your wedding in high style, and they can go sightseeing along the way. Shuttle services can usually help plan hotels, restaurants, and tour destinations, and guests who tend to avoid flying are more likely to attend a wedding they can reach via charter bus.
The overall environmental impact of shuttle bus services remains profound: motorcoach buses emit about one-third of the carbon dioxide that a commuter train does, and if the average vehicle owner opted to commute via shuttle bus for a year, they would save more than 4 tons of carbon emissions. Wedding planners want to cater to their environmentally-conscious customers, and opting for shuttle service could be an enhancement to the overall wedding experience.
There are, of course, wedding invitations that are recyclable, and some eco-friendly paper makers even put small seeds between the layers of their custom wedding invitations. Once the couple is married, guests can plant the invitations and grow seeds, forming a lasting memory of the wedding. Instead of spending money on balloons for centerpieces or on cut flowers that will eventually die, some wedding planners are starting to offer “green weddings” that feature beautiful potted plants for guests to admire and take home.
In general, cost-conscious engaged couples are booking shuttle buses for reunions, day trips, and trips into larger cities. A full shuttle bus can replace more than 50 individual automobiles, and passengers are signing up for adventures with their friends. Seeing the sights outside of town, taking a leaf-peeping adventure with close friends, going to a casino or to wine country with a group, or transporting wedding guests are all options for shuttle bus services.
If family members are bringing their children to your wedding, another shuttle can be booked to transport youngsters to children’s museums, science and activity centers, and to special playgrounds that have free admission. Grandparents are usually more than happy to spend time with kids while their parents see the sights. A well-planned schedule of pre-wedding activities can feel just like a family reunion, and making sure wedding photographers are on hand to capture all the fun is essential.
After guests return home, some couples opt to print “memory books” for their guests. Much like a scrapbook, a memory book will contain pictures — and sometimes, a video burned onto a CD — that showcases wedding highlights. With space in the back of the album for a personalized “thank you” note, memory books will ensure that your wedding is never forgotten. From fun shuttle bus adventures to the perfect eco-friendly centerpieces, a destination wedding can be a wonderful beginning to a new life.

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