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    Taking a Trip to Alaska

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    Nearly all working Americans agree that taking a vacation is important to them, and for more than one reason. A vacation is a fine way to have a great time and see exotic new places and things, and taking a trip away from the daily grind is a wonderful way to deal with stress and fatigue. In particular, surveys and statistics show that the bulk of American vacations are taken more than 50 miles away from where a person lives, but still domestic. Americans sometimes travel around the world, but most often, they are going somewhere else in the nation for their trip. After all, not all Americans have passports, and besides, the United States is a geographically vast and diverse nation. It spans the historic and colonial region of New England to Florida’s Everglades to the deserts of the Southwest to the tropical beaches of Hawaii. Sunny beaches are often the “standard” American vacation, but there is another option: Alaska.

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