Nearly all working Americans agree that taking a vacation is important to them, and for more than one reason. A vacation is a fine way to have a great time and see exotic new places and things, and taking a trip away from the daily grind is a wonderful way to deal with stress and fatigue. In particular, surveys and statistics show that the bulk of American vacations are taken more than 50 miles away from where a person lives, but still domestic. Americans sometimes travel around the world, but most often, they are going somewhere else in the nation for their trip. After all, not all Americans have passports, and besides, the United States is a geographically vast and diverse nation. It spans the historic and colonial region of New England to Florida’s Everglades to the deserts of the Southwest to the tropical beaches of Hawaii. Sunny beaches are often the “standard” American vacation, but there is another option: Alaska.

Dogsled Tours and More in Alaska

This frozen, northern state might seem like an odd choice for a vacation spot, and for some American tourists, it really isn’t what they’re looking for. But Alaska is not to be dismissed as some remote, empty tundra. Although this state is closer to Canada and Russia than the continental U.S., it proves popular for many vacations per year for leisure of all sorts, from ice fishing to dogsled tours and more. Tourists typically visit Alaska by plane due to its distance and how its only land border is with Canada, not the Lower 48. Surveys are often done to see if Americans enjoyed their time and Alaska, and the results are encouraging. A great majority of Alaska tourists finish their trip by reporting that they were satisfied or very satisfied with their time there, and some are surprised by how much they enjoyed their Alaska visit. Very few tourists report being underwhelmed or unhappy about their time in Alaska.

What is there to do in Alaska? Any tourist may visit the museums and historic sites in cities such as Juneau and Anchorage, as Alaska’s geography and wildlife is distinct and may be gorgeous to nearly any visitor there. But it is outdoor enthusiasts who truly get the most out of this state. Alaska is enormous, being much bigger than Texas, but is very thinly populated, even when the Native Americans there are counted alongside American citizens. Much of Alaska is sheer wilderness, boasting pine forests, mountains and glaciers, lakes, and much more. A camping or hunting trip in Alaska may be unlike any other.

Dogsledding is a time-honored activity that is still popular today, often done with teams of large dogs such as Siberian Huskies and the like. Dogsled tours may be an authentic and thrilling way to see the sights of Alaska, and an interested patron may look up dogsled tours in Alaska ahead of time before they visit.

And that’s not all. Hunting, fishing, and wildlife sightseeing are all great ideas for an Alaska vacation, and the wildlife there may be unlike anything else a domestic tourist has ever seen. With the right permits and equipment, a hunter or fisher may catch wild game, and they may get lodgings in a remote log cabin for a truly rugged adventure. A tourist sticking to the cities would want a modern hotel, but rugged outdoors lovers may prefer a cabin, and not just for the affordable price. Cabins are right there in the middle of the wilderness, and the hunter, hiker, or fisher may store anything that they need in that cabin for later.

A Special Wedding Event

Alaska’s outdoor vistas are great not only for helicopter tours or dogsledding, but also as attractive backdrops for an Alaska glacier wedding. Many American brides and grooms like to have exotic destination weddings rather than typical ballroom weddings, and while beach weddings dominate this practice, Alaska is a fine choice as well. Wedding guests may be flown to the state and get lodging at a city’s hotels. During agreeable weather, the ceremony may be held outdoors with a stunning natural vista as the backdrop. Glaciers, mountains, pine forests, and lakes may make for an unforgettable scene.

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