Nearly all surveyed American employees agree that taking a vacation is very important to them, as a vacation is a fine way to “get away from it all” and relax in an exotic and fun new location. Most Americans travel over 50 miles to visit a vacation site, and sunny beaches often rank high on anyone’s list of desired vacation spots. But a sunny beach is not the only way to visit exotic locales in the United States. The domestic tourism industry in the U.S. is enormous, and it expands to include not just beaches, but the rugged wilds of Alaska, too. This may seem like an odd choice at first, but many surveys show that most tourists who visit Alaska greatly enjoyed their time there, often enjoying Alaska more than they expected to. Outdoors lovers will get the most out of a trip to this chilly northern state, but anyone can have a good time if they choose to see Alaska by plane or book some glacier flights. Creative wedding parties may arrange for an Alaska glacier wedding for an unforgettable outdoor venue.

See Alaska By Plane

There are many ways to explore a new land as a tourist, and one of them is by air. Not everyone likes to get their boots dirty hiking around, so they may look up helicopter tours in Anchorage or book airplane flights to view the wild panorama of Alaska up high. This takes some work in advance, and an interested tourist may look up “see alaska by plane” online a few weeks or even a few months ahead of time to find open time slots. Doing this makes it easier to see Alaska by plane, especially in the busy season. A tourist may find a time slot that fits their vacation schedule and book it, or they might find a time slot first and then plan the rest of their trip around that.

Once the tourist group (a small group) arrives at the airport, they can look over the airplanes and helicopters there and choose one that they want to ride. The guests may also meet the pilots and review their credentials, and choose one to pilot the craft. During flight, everyone will get headsets to wear so that they can hear each other over the vehicle’s noise, and a tour guide will explain local sights and history and answer any questions. These planes and helicopters will fly in all but the worst weather, and they can provide a stunning view of Alaska’s wilderness from up high.

Hiking and Hunting

Other tourists headed to Alaska want to experience this rugged northern state up close. Hunters and fishers can book log cabins out in the wilds to stay close to nature, and once they have all permits and paperwork sorted out, go fishing or hunting for exotic game. Anglers may visit the creeks or go ice fishing, and big game hunters may go looking for trophy game animals. Bears and moose, for example, might be hunted, or other game animals.

A tourist in Alaska might also go dog sledding, a time honored activity up in Alaska, or they may go hiking or even kayaking. Tourists can go rock climbing or even bird watching, observing species they won’t find at home. Urban dwellers, meanwhile, might stick to the cities such as Juneau and Anchorage, and visit museums and see historical buildings there.

A Summer Alaska Wedding

Some brides and grooms today are looking for exotic locations for an outdoor wedding. Sunny beaches prove popular, but some wedding parties may choose Alaska’s gorgeous wilds in summer or spring. This means preparing ahead of time, such as booking the actual venue, and preferably placing it not too far from human settlement. An advance party may also go up there to work with local rental companies, such as renting tables, chairs, and even linens and a party tent. Meanwhile, the wedding party can also arrange the logistics, such as airplane flights, taxis and shuttle buses, and booking many hotel rooms at once up in Alaska near the venue. Many hotels offer discounts if a party rents enough rooms at once. Ultimately, this may lead to an unforgettable outdoor wedding with a background of mountains, glaciers, pine forests, and sparkling lakes.

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