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Did you know that the smallest state in the world is in Europe? Vatican City is .2 square miles, and is home to the head of the Catholic Church, the Pope. Monaco, located next to the French Riviera, is only slightly larger at .7 square miles, though 32,000 people manage to live there. Europe is known as being one of the best places to travel in the world, and many people might be interested in watching travel videos of Europe. These videos can be useful for anyone planning a trip, or simply intriguing for anyone who cannot afford to travel. What are some things that the best travel videos will let you know about?

1. Places to eat, and local cuisine to try. Although I saw many things during the year I lived in Germany, something that always made me smile was the hot chestnuts vendors would sell on the streets of Munich from fall until spring. Bavaria in particular is home to some unique food choices. Giant pretzels, or Bretzn, are popular to eat along with endless pitchers of beer. Obazda, an onion and cheese dish, is a regional specialty there, along with the predictable wurst, or sausage.

2. Travel channel videos will often tell you about dangerous things to watch out for. In cities such as Barcelona, for example, there is a greater risk of having your purse pulled away from you as you exit the subway. Thieves here are more likely to take advantage of your distraction. In most European countries, American travelers have to keep in mind that caution is something expected of them, not of companies or places. Areas that would normally have fences or Keep Away signs in the USA, like steep cliffs next to paths, are unmarked in many European countries.

3. Travel videos of Europe will probably advise you to try using public transportation. In cities like Berlin, London, and Rome, many people get around only using public transport. The underground in London is known as the Tube, and it is famous for its admonition for riders to mind the gap. Underground lines and buses are more established in these areas, making is easy to get from one place to the next. Taking public transport will often give you a more authentic taste of the area.

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