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When trying to attract vacationers to a campground where they can pitch a tent or rent cabins, it is important to consider what factors will be influential in drawing them in. Some people will enjoy the idea of “roughing it” in the wild, whereas others might like to have amenities that would be present in daily life, particularly those with young children. With that in mind, here are some of the factors to consider when trying to create campground marketing that will appeal to travelers near and far, as they plan their next vacation.

It is Important to Use SEO to Ensure the Website Lands on the First Page of Google

Through research, it has been shown that over 25% of individuals searching for something will try go the websites they find on the first page that naturally come up, rather than those that use paid ads. When concentrating on tourism marketing, it is important to think of keywords that people would use when searching for a park or campground, and figure out how to incorporate those keywords so the website can reach the first page. This is known as SEO, and it is responsible for bringing in over 70% of traffic to a site.

An Appealing Looking Website is Important So Travelers Can get an Idea of Where They Will Be Going To

When trying to attract vacationers, it is crucial to have well-thought out camping websites that allow them to feel as though they are there. This can be the perfect opportunity for them to review the cabins and campgrounds, and figure out if this is someplace they would like to stay. Clear pictures, and up-to-date information can go a long way in building consumer trust, and helping them feel ready to book their next vacation.

Responding to Reviews Can Show Travelers a Commitment to Customer Service

There will likely be reviews of the campground somewhere on the internet. By creating a professional profile and responding to reviews-both good and bad-vacationers can go a long way in helping to create relationships with those traveling, and show a desire to improve relations even when experiences do not always go the way a consumer wanted. This can mean a lot to someone who has not yet committed, but feels positive about what they have seen, since over 75% of travelers check reviews before booking and making a purchase on their trip, including cabins and campgrounds.

Campground marketing does not have to be difficult to get travelers to book. By making use of SEO, those who are interested in booking a vacation can easily find the website through Google searches. Providing a website that offers pictures and a clear understanding of what the cabins and campgrounds look like can help seal the deal for those who want to book. Finally, travelers will respond in a positive manner to companies that choose to respond to reviews of their campgrounds, both good and bad.

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