The Emerald Isle is renowned for its amazing sights and culture. If you have always wanted to visit this amazing country, here are Five unforgettable places you need to visit while taking a Celtic tour.

Five Amazing Places To Visit In Ireland

  • King John’s Castle. When it comes to castle tours, this one is a bit less known than the others. This monument was built in the 1200s by King John and is one of the best-preserved castles in Europe. It has been the site of both peaceful Viking settlements and chaotic battles. It even played a critical part in the Siege of Limerick! Today the castle features a museum area, a cafe, and a visitor center. Feel free to enjoy a hot cup of tea while taking in the stunning views of the River Shannon!
  • Donegal Castle. In the center of Donegal town, this castle is said to have been a Viking stronghold during the tumultuous 12th century. The main part that is still standing today was originally constructed in 1474, and many extensions have been added since. Today the castle itself has been restored to its former glory, allowing you to take a tour back through history at this stunning historical site. When planning a castle vacation this is a must-see.
  • Kilkenny Castle. Probably one of the better-known castles, the site dates back to 1172 when it was originally a stronghold constructed from wood. This site has played a large part in both the Norman occupation and the civil war. Today, this castle is home to an amazing art collection and many other important historical artifacts. The grounds are also home to illustrious gardens, and even a playground for small children to enjoy. This means the whole family, no matter how young or old, can find something to enjoy at this cultural location.
  • Blarney Castle. Any Celtic tours you take just wouldn’t be complete without a visit to this castle. By far the most well know of our list, Blarney castle dates back to the 11th century, making it one of the oldest in the country. Located in County Cork, blarney castle is most famous for its famous Blarney Stone. The stone itself is said to give people the ‘gift of gab’ if kissed, leading millions of visitors to literally bend over backward to give this slab a smooch. Aside from the stone, this castle also features incredible grounds, gardens, and even some waterfalls! This is one site that you just can’t pass up when visiting Ireland!
  • Dublin Castle. Dublin castle is another must-see when on a Celtic tour. A major stronghold for decades, this castle was first constructed in the 1200s and has had a colorful history ever since. It is possibly most notorious for having been the seat of the British government over the island before Ireland won its independence. Today it contains two museums that are dedicated to telling the history of the Emerald Isle. You can expect to see rich art collections, amazing architecture, and artifacts all helping to convey the incredible history of this country.

If you have always wanted to visit the Emerald Isle for a Celtic tour, now is the time to go. With so many amazing sights to see, you can expect a breathtaking and culturally immersive vacation that you won’t ever regret. In fact, you may just find that once you’re there, you never want to leave!

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