Family camping vacation spots

Ah, the great American outdoors. They’re beautiful, aren’t they? The only negative aspect about them is not enough people get to truly enjoy or experience them these days. Sound familiar?

Are you one of those people who would rather watch a YouTube video about how great the great outdoors are instead of actually heading out there and experiencing them for yourself? Do you feel like you’re have it up to here with the demands of everyday life but and you’re craving a sense of adventure but you’re not sure how to go about finding that? If you answered yes or even maybe to either of those questions, then maybe it’s time for a good old fashioned tent camping trip.

Whether it’s tent camping during the annual and annoying family vacation, chocolate lover’s weekend in the Poconos Mountains, shady campsites, campgrounds near lakes, or camp resorts that feel like going to the spa after an intense day hike, camping does both the soul and the body good. Several fairly recent scientific research studies have confirmed what a lot of people have known for thousands of years; time spent outdoors immersed in nature is an integral part to one’s physical and emotional well being.

These days, people are more plugged in and mentally tuned out more than ever. While many people can tell you what their favorite celebrity’s favorite meal is, few people can tell you what they find personally fulfilling. This can cause a lot of anxiety, stress, and overall mental restlessness. You can probably relate to that feeling of unease when you haven’t checked your social media feed in a few hours, or even minutes. Or perhaps you feel anxious when you haven’t seen someone post anything on their social media account in a few ours, or minutes.

All of this can cause a lot of unnecessary stress, and the best thing to do is to detox with a tent camping trip. The thought of being outdoors and removed from technology might cause you to feel a bit of anxiety, especially if you’re particularly reliant on your smartphone, smart watch, or tablet. If the thought of being without these things or wireless internet access makes you feel anxious, then you could probably benefit from tent camping the most. Don’t being or feeling bored, because that’s actually just what the doctor ordered.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of tent camping is the fact that your mind can finally take a much needed break. Near constant use of all your tech gadgets causes your brain’s neurons to always be “on”. They’re firing at nearly full capacity and this can be mentally and emotionally taxing. This frequent over stimulation may cause you to feel stress, anxiety, irritability, and you may even experience troubling getting and staying asleep.

So being “bored” in nature can be the best thing you can do, because it allows your brain to take a break from all that stimulation. So instead of bringing your tech along with you on your tent camping trip, bring a book, some board games, some cards, a journal, an adult coloring book, or anything else that allows you to veg out in a healthier way.

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