Best travel video

Everybody has at least one friend who always comes back from vacation with the best travel videos. Maybe he went to film school and works in the entertainment field, or perhaps he is just a hobbyist who likes playing with electronic equipment. Whatever the case may be, the videos made by this person are discreet works of art that manage to convey nuanced and multi layered insights touching not only upon various vacation activities as they were experienced by the traveler, but that communicate via imagery wordless and eternal truths about a culture or an environment.

The best travel video is produced by someone who is not only enjoying his vacation, but is a natural story teller comfortable with exploring narrative vis a vis imagery. The best travel video has a lot in common with a beautiful art film by a cinematic master. Making the best travel video involves portraying the landscape of the travel destination itself as a three dimensional character. When you watch the best travel video, natural phenomena like oceans or waterfalls should appear to be so alive that they actually have souls. Even inanimate objects such as buildings or trolleys should convey personality.

Every place has a story that is waiting to be unearthed, and the best travel video will coax that story out into the open, allowing it to unfold in a series of breathtaking images that build to an aesthetic crescendo leaving the viewer breathless. The best travel video will not just make the viewer want to visit a place. Rather, it will open up a sense of infinite adventure and possibility that extends beyond the destination itself and promises a metaphysical reawakening of sorts. The best travel video should be so moving that it could change your life, not just make you want to go on holiday.

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