Creating a website is difficult work for anyone that is not a graphic design major. Yet, there are websites that are quite popular such as tourism websites, rv websites, and camping websites. In the day and age of technology is upon us and getting information out to the public is as easy as it has ever been. If you are a part of a park staff and want to market and build a website, there are some key factors that should effect your process. There are plenty of people that devote all of their time to crafting marketing schemes to successfully market items and websites out to the public. Some of these tactics include SEO targeting and other creative aspects of how you design your website. If you want to market a park, here are some facts you should know about how to efficiently utilize technology to your benefit.

It’s All About That Search Engine

In 2013, research was conducted and the resulting data revealed that the first organic search result in a search engine is going to get around one third, 33%, of all clicks. If you are attempting to get your park at the top of the search engine there are certain keywords and tactics that will benefit your efforts. Outbrain conducted a study that revealed search engines consistently beat out social media by 300%. This makes search engines the number one force in driving users and traffic to sites with specific content, such as your park website. Make sure that you put to use the location of the park you want to direct users towards. Data reveals that thirty percent of all mobile searches are related to a defined and specific location. You should consistently utilize the exact location of your park in order to direct users to your site so they can obtain information and explore your website. Google released data in 2015 that revealed around 51% of all smartphone users discovered a new company, product, and website when using mobile searches. These types of results can help boost the traffic that comes towards your website.

If you are trying to get users and searchers onto your website that contains information on a park or a national park, it is going to be much easier than you think. There are new tools and techniques being formulated every day by advertisers and marketers. SEO techniques and optimization will drive around 75% of all search engine traffic. If you want people to visit the website you have built for your park make sure you look into these new trends and tactics that involve search engine optimization.

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