The American state of Hawaii is a popular one for tourism, from its natural beauty to the rich Hawaiian native culture to the famous Pearl Harbor navy base. Hawaii can easily be visited by land or sea (such as snorkeling), but another exciting route is to visit this island state by air, in a helicopter. The best helicopter tours in Oahu can bring the island to life from high above, and there is plenty on Oahu to see. Finding the best helicopter tours in Oahu can err on the pricey side, but for those who can take the trip, the4 view can be astounding.

Helicopters in the U.S.

Ever since their invention, helicopters have emerged as popular vehicles for the military and civilian aerial sectors alike. They can conveniently lift off and land vertically, not requiring a runway, and can be more affordable than jets and make for great leisure craft, such as sightseeing, whether in Hawaii or elsewhere. Around the world, helicopters sell well, and in fact, experts predicted 2017’s sales of commercial helicopters to reach close to $5 billion, and in the United States alone, there were 12,773 commercial helicopters as of 2017, and that is the highest total of any country. Many of these choppers are useful for vacations, and a survey recently carried out by the AAA showed that around 35% of Americans plan to take vacations at least 50 miles away from home, and as of 2017, spending on summer vacations grew 12.5%. Helicopter tours make for great aerial excursions, and the best helicopter tours in Oahu can rank among the best.

Safety on the Flight

For those new to Hawaii helicopter tours or those anywhere else, a few basic guidelines are recommended. For one thing, flying as a helicopter passenger is much safer than some would believe, according to News in General. After all, helicopter pilots and other crews train regularly to stay skilled and in practice, and they are held to high safety standards. For the passengers, glass windows and closed doors keep anyone from falling out, even during turbulence. The flexible body of a helicopter can reduce the impact of turbulence anyway, and in serious weather, a helicopter’s crew simply will not fly in the first place. Riders prone to motion sickness are urged to sit near the vehicle’s middle where rocking motions are less pronounced, and newcomers to helicopters are advised that these vehicles are noisy, although wearing a headset helps block some of the noise and keeps everyone in contact with each other.

According to HeliNY, someone looking to book a helicopter tour should check a few details first, such as whether the crew will refuse to fly during bad weather (and if refunds are possible for canceled flights), how much the booking costs, what sort of clothes are best to wear during the helicopter ride, and the model and safety record of the helicopter being used. The pilot’s experience and credentials can also be checked into.


For sightseeing in Hawaii, the best helicopter tours in Oahu can bring the island to life, and there is plenty to see, according to Best of Oahu. The Diamond Head mountain can easily be seen in its full scale from the air, and the famous North Shore can be viewed as a whole panorama from up high. Pearl Harbor is also visible, from the submerged wreckage of old U.S. Navy vessels to the USS Battleship Missouri and the USS Bowfin Submarine permanently docked as floating museums. Various volcanoes and smaller islands surrounding Oahu can also be seen from this vantage point.

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