Nearly all surveyed American employees agree that taking a vacation is important to them, since it’s a fine chance to unwind, have a good time, and escape the daily grind of urban life. Many Americans picture sunny beaches of Florida, California, or Hawaii as their vacation sites, but some domestic tourists may set their sights elsewhere. At first, Alaska seems like an odd choice, since it’s a remote and cold state that’s closer to Russia and Canada than the continental U.S. But outdoors lovers will find plenty to enjoy up there in Alaska, such as helicopter tours, dogsled tours, kayaking, hunting and fishing, and even outdoor weddings in warm weather. An interested tourist may look up “helicopter tours in anchorage” to find some available time slots, and they might want to search “helicopter tours in anchorage” well ahead of time to find enough available slots. Some tourists want a helicopter ride, but others want to see Alaska’s wilderness up close. Either way, this state makes for an unexpectedly enriching tourist getaway for many.

Tour the Wilderness

Fortunately for outdoors lovers, Alaska is a vast state with wild terrain, and it is only thinly populated and developed, even counting the Native American populations living there. An outdoor enthusiast might skip right over Hawaii’s sunny beaches and book a flight to Alaska, and they may book log cabins rather than modern hotels for their lodgings for a more authentic experience. Some outdoors lovers are hunters or fishers, and once they have the right paperwork and permits in line, they may hunt exotic game or go fishing on frozen lakes. Trophy hunters may enjoy the chance to find bears or moose to claim.

Other outdoors lovers are there to go kayaking along Alaska’s streams, or they are going hiking, rock climbing, or simply bird watching. These tourists may also book a dogsled ride, an authentic and time-honored way to explore and traverse the wilds of Alaska. But that’s not all. Some tourists want to explore this state from high above, and they will look up “helicopter tours in anchorage” online ahead of time to get bookings. Not all tourists want to get their boots dirty, so they may opt for a flight to explore this state’s vast panoramas from a high vantage point.

Like anything else, helicopter tours in Anchorage or Juneau might fill up fast, so an interested tourist may want to look them up ahead of time and book a good time slot. This is especially true for busy season, since even remote and cold states like Alaska may have a busy tourist season. In the weeks or months leading up to a trip, the tourist may find “helicopter tours in anchorage” online, and choose a time slot that fits their vacation. Or, they might even find a helicopter tour first, then plan the rest of their trip around it for convenience.

Once the tourists arrive at the helicopter base, they may look over the vehicles and choose a pilot whose credentials they like, and get on board. Everyone will have headsets so they can hear each other over the vehicle’s noise, and the tour guide on board will provide a spoken guide of local wildlife and history.

An Outdoor Venue

Many modern brides and grooms are looking for creative outdoor venues for their wedding and reception. These are often sunny beaches or rustic farms, but in spring or summer, Alaska may provide for some unforgettable backdrops of mountains, lakes, glaciers, forests, and more. There are plenty of logistics for the wedding party to take care of ahead of time, such as lodgings and transport. This includes airplane flights, shuttle buses, and taxis to and from the venue and a nearby city, not to mention hotels. Many hotels today offer bulk discounts if many rooms are booked at once, and if done for a wedding’s guests, this can save a lot of money. Choosing a venue near a city may make all of this easier.

Some members of the wedding party may get there ahead of time and rent a party tent, tables and chairs, and linens for the outdoor ceremony. This means approaching local rental companies in person, to look over available hardware before committing to a rental.

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