Summer’s right around the corner. Vacation ideas are no doubt swirling in your head. Do you want to go with the usual hiking excursion or are you thinking of branching out this year?

If you’re considering a vacation that will capture the imaginations of your entire family, look no further than Hawaii. A classic staple for decades, the Aloha State is filled with a little bit of everything in one convenient spot. You can enjoy the endless sand beaches on your laziest afternoons, a drink in one hand and the other shading your eyes. You can try out delicious new foods and meet new people. Most notably…you can visit all sorts of beautiful locations from the comfort of a helicopter.

There are a lot of good Hawaii vacation ideas out there. Check out a few of the more popular ideas below so you can start brewing up your next great escape.

Fun Facts About Hawaii

What makes Hawaii such a beloved place in the minds of so many? All you have to do is look at photos of this gorgeous state and see why people keep coming back. The island of Oahu is nearly 600 square miles, filled with lush vegetation and surrounded by blue waters. Back in 2017 Hawaii saw a record high of nearly 10 million visitors, which was up 5% from the previous year. In 2016 there were around 220,000 visitors in the state at any given day.

Hawaii’s Thriving Tourism

You don’t have to think hard to come up with fun things to do in Hawaii. It’s this simple fact that has kept the Aloha State a top destination for so long. Hawaii regularly sees families, couples, and individuals swinging by for a week in the sun — a recent study found over 95% of employees in America stating taking a good vacation is very important to them. Oahu Hawaii helicopter tours remain one of the most popular activities in the state, though it’s far from the only one. You can go snorkeling, visit any number of beachside restaurants, or just enjoy long walks on the beach!

Beautiful Sands And Endless Coast

For those who can’t get enough of the ocean, your Hawaii vacation ideas are already good to go. A 2017 survey found there was a 10% increase in summer vacation spending from the previous year, with a significant chunk going straight to the Aloha State. Hawaii is completely surrounded by ocean, characterized by several islands of varying sizes. They all have unique landmarks and individual traits that make visiting each one an adventure in of itself. History buffs and photographers listen up, because there’s a lot to love…

Fascinating Historical Landmarks

Eager to find some good photo opportunities? Add selfies to your Hawaii vacation ideas, because you have the pick of the litter. You can visit the Diamond Head volcano, long since dormant and a striking sight for any first-time visitor. You can go to any number of national parks to appreciate the state’s beauty with a side of history. Even swimming near the coves can present you with all sorts of opportunities to appreciate the sunset with a few of your favorite filters.

Taking Helicopter Tours In Oahu

You don’t have to pick and choose what you want to enjoy during your stay in Hawaii. Beaches, historical landmarks, tours, doesn’t matter! The best helicopter tours in Oahu can give you everything from the comfort of a front row seat. Also known as ‘The Gathering Place’, the island of Oahu is the third largest and most populated of the Hawaiian Islands. A helicopter tour can give you a fresh perspective on the island like you’ve never had before.

Give your next vacation something you won’t soon forget. Sign up for a sightseeing adventure and put it at the top of your Hawaii vacation ideas!

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