Charter bus rental prices

If you are looking to book a trip for your group, you should really consider chartered bus companies. Whether they are for family reunions, tour groups or to get all of your workers to a company retreat, there are a lot of advantages to charter bus travel. Here are a few reasons to think about going with a charter rental:

  1. You can go on your schedule. If you need to get a group of people from one place to another, the easiest way is to go with a chartered bus. When you look at charter bus travel, you will see that your trip begins and ends when you want it to. Unlike train travel or going by air, your bus will pick you up at the location you want to start from and will be there when you need it. That means you will spend a lot less time getting to your destination.
  2. None of your group will get lost. If you are doing something special with friends, family or for your colleagues or staff, there is always the chance that someone will misread the directions and end up in the wrong place when everyone goes in their own car. Even with global positioning systems (GPS) in most vehicles, people can be led astray and wind up in the wrong place. When everyone is on the same bus, the chances of that happening drop to zero.
  3. The transportation is stress free. Drivers can get very stressed out when they are on the road, dealing with traffic and directions. Charter bus travel is great because none of your group has to worry about that. The driver is a professional and is trained to what he or she does. They will not be stressed by and the people in your group can avoid thinking about it all together.
  4. No one will have to worry about tolls or gas. Not everyone has a vehicle that is fuel efficient and some will have to stop to fill up more often than others. Plus, there is often the hassle of going through toll booths and dealing with that mess. All of that will be someone else’s concern when you go with charter bus travel.
  5. Speaking of fuel efficiency, charter bus travel is a lot better for the environment than you may realize. The typical bus that is used for charter bus travel, will average about 206.6 passenger miles per gallon (MPG). When you compare that to the 92.5 passenger MPG commuter trains average, the 44 passenger MPG that planes will get and 27.2 passenger MPG that cars get (hybrids are slightly better, they average 46 passenger MPG), you can see how much fuel is saved when you rent a bus. When you compare this kind of travel to anything else, you will also see that these buses put out less carbon dioxide than any other travel option.
  6. Your group can start the fun on the way. When you have your group of friends or family, you can use the time in the bus doing fun things. Most of the time, there is WiFi on a bus but also you can do things together, like play a game or watch a movie. If you are going to a historical site, you can get everyone up to speed on your destination on your way there.
  7. Your group can be productive. If you are chartering a bus for a work function such as a conference, you can spend time traveling to your destination, getting ready for any presentations that your staff need to give. This can be work time rather than wasted time.
  8. People can get some rest. Your group can take advantage of the time spent getting to or from your location to catch up on some sleep. If you took your group to a place to go rock climbing, a nice nap on the way home may be just what everyone needs.

Over the last few decades, a lot has changed in bus travel. The seats are a lot more comfortable, the amenities are cleaner and there are more options for entertainment. If you want to travel with a group, this is a great way to go.

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