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    The Past, Present, and Future of IFE

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    Aircraft interiors expo 2016

    As our world becomes more connected, more people are able to travel to several places all across the globe. While cars, buses, trains, and subways are still efficient ways to get around, they can’t get you all that far without several tanks of gas, nor can they get you over bodies of water separating land masses. For these longer trips, airplanes are still the best means of transportation.

    Every day over 8 million people fly on planes, whether for business or leisure, and in 2013 there were an estimated 3.1 billion airplane passengers, an all-time at that point. It’s safe to say that we humans fly a lot. But sitting in place for long stretches of time has gotten more and more difficult for us as technology in recent years has flooded our minds with so much information and so many distractions. An